Deep snow skiing in the Winklmoos / Steinplatte ski area
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Ski touring

Up the mountain under your own steam

It is exhausting to ascend on your own. The descent is all the more beautiful: Draw your own track in the deep snow, glide silently over slopes and enjoy the silence of winter - more and more winter sport enthousiasts are looking for their own memorable Moments in the wintery landscape

Tour tips for all ski tour fans

Easy, short tours (blue point) offer beginners the opportunity to discover hiking on skis for themselves. Don't miss: the ski touring nature trail in Ruhpolding. Ten stations there convey the most important tips on how to behave in the trend sport.


difficult (Ski tour)
The ski tour takes you to the Hochfelln, the viewing terrace of the Chiemgau, from where you can enjoy a fantastic view.
  • 6.0 km
  • 921 Hm
  • 02:30 h
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intermediate (Ski tour)
From Seegatterl near Reit im Winkl, the demanding day ski tour takes you to the Fellhorn and on to the Steinplatte.
  • 25.0 km
  • 1350 Hm
  • 06:15 h
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Rauschberg mit Abfahrt Rossgasse

intermediate (Ski tour)
This tour takes you from Ruhpolding to the Rauschberg and has a particularly challenging descent in store.
  • 11.0 km
  • 930 Hm
  • 04:30 h
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Ski tour Nattersbergalm - Hemmersuppenalm - Fellhorn

intermediate (Ski tour)
A great tour for experts. At first you ski through a densely overgrown forest. Pure nature.
  • 9.0 km
  • 1042 Hm
  • 02:30 h
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Ski tour to Dürrnbachhorn summit

difficult (Ski tour)
The difficult ski tour takes you to the Dürrnbachhorn near Reit im Winkl. From the summit at around 1,700 meters you can enjoy a fantastic panorama.
  • 15.0 km
  • 1026 Hm
  • 03:30 h
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Ski tour Walmberg

easy (Ski tour)
Nice easy ski tour for beginners and as a quick ski tour from the valley - beautiful view over the Reit im Winkl basin and to lake Chiemsee.
  • 2.0 km
  • 288 Hm
  • 00:50 h
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Unternberg - Eisenberg

easy (Ski tour)
The medium-difficulty ski tour with ski touring trail leads along a (former) slope and through snow-covered forests up to the Unternberg.
  • 6.0 km
  • 775 Hm
  • 03:00 h
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DAV tips for nature-friendly winter tours

  • Mind the markings, hints and route recommendations of the DAV project "Environmentally friendly ski mountaineering".
  • Respect and protected nature-sanctuaries and avoid making loud noise.
  • Recognize habitats: Avoid wild animals as much as possible, only observe them from a distance, avoid feeding grounds, leash dogs.
  • Avoid peaks and ridges before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. in high winter.
  • In wooded areas and at the tree line, stay on the usual ski routes, forest and hiking trails, keep your distance from groups of trees and bushes.
  • Protect reforestation and young forest.
  • Arrive in an environmentally friendly way: use public transport or form car pools, use designated parking spaces, do not block any driveways.
  • Rather plan multi-day stays than frequent day trips, use the gastronomic offer on site.
  • Plan tours with guides and maps that have the DAV seal of approval "Nature-friendly ski tours /winter tours", and find out about the nature and culture of the destination area.
  • Observe the rules for ski tours on slopes.

Further information can be found on the website of the German Alpine Club.

10 DAV rules for ski tours on slopes

Ski slopes are primarily available to users of the cable cars and lifts!

  • Ascent and descent are at your own risk and responsibility.
  • Only climb up at the edge of the slope (FIS rule No. 7). Do this one behind the other, not next to each other. Pay attention to the other Individuals skiing.
  • Take particular care on hilltops, in narrow passages, steep slopes and when the slopes are iced over. When crossing the slopes, walk individually or keep a distance to each other. No crossing in obscured areas.
  • Always observe runway closures, warnings and local regulations.
  • When working on the slopes, the slopes are closed for safety reasons. There is a risk to life, especially when using rope winches.
  • Only drive on freshly groomed ski slopes in the peripheral areas. Always walk with the headlamp switched on in the dark and wear reflective clothing.
  • Pay attention to alpine dangers, especially avalanches. Do not go on ski tours if avalanches are expected. Only open slopes are protected from avalanches.
  • Only go on ski tours when there is enough snow. Avoid damage to the plant and ground cover.
  • Be considerate of wildlife. At dusk and in the dark, animals are severely disturbed. Do not take dogs with you on the ski slopes.
  • Observe the regulations at the parking lots, pay parking fees, travel in an environmentally friendly manner.

Further information can be found on the website of the German Alpine Club.

Cross-country skiing on the Winklmoosalm
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Cross-country skiing

Well-groomed trails in the Chiemgau-Area

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Reit in Winkl im Winter
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Winter sports destinations

Traditional winter sports villages in the Chiemgau-Area

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Out into the snowy landscape

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