Pärchen beim Spazieren gehen

Real Chiemgau... ...this winter!

Pärchen beim Spaziergang im Winter am See
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Tip1 Activities in the Chiemgau

Winter has so much to offer and even when there isn't enough snow to go sledging, the Chiemgau offers countless activities for its guests. how about e.g. B. a walk at the Chiemsee or a detour to one of the dreamy peaks in the region to enjoy the view. However, if walking is too far, we can recommend a ride on the cable car.

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Pärchen beim Wandern im Winter
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Tip2 themed trails

The themed trails in the Chiemgau follow in the footsteps of the Celts and Romans, through glacial moors and around the island of Herrenchiemsee. The smugglers' trail in Schleching, which used to be used to smuggle goods across the Bavarian-Austrian border, is also popular. The idyllic path reaches its first highlight at the suspension bridge over the "Duck Hole". A little further awaits a spectacular viewing platform.

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Schloss auf Insel im Chiemsee

Really worth seeing... ...of castles and excursion destinations

Wasserbrunnen von Herrenchiemsee mit Schnee bedeckt
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tip 1 Herrenchiemsee & Co.

If you come to the Chiemgau, you cannot avoid Herrenchiemsee Castle on the Herrinsel in the Chiemsee. Built by King Ludwig as a replica of the Palace of Versailles, it unfortunately remained unfinished. But there is not only Herrenchiemsee Castle, but also other castles. Among other things, a cave castle.

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tip 2 Aim high

Hardly anything stands for the Chiemgau as much as its mountains and peaks. It is therefore not surprising that a visit to one of the peaks is simply part of a Chiemgau holiday. Of course, the peaks can be easily hiked, but if you don't want to do that, you can also use one of the mountain railways between Watzmann and Wendelstein and enjoy the view of Lake Chiemsee, for example, easily and effortlessly.

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Wasserrad Museum Salz und Moor Grassau
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tip 3 Museums for old and young

There is definitely no boredom in the Chiemgau museums. One is a journey of discovery with the Romans, where the children can test their knowledge, the other is an open-air museum. Car lovers of all ages are catered for, and anyone who would like to marvel at a life-size mammoth should not miss a visit to the Mammoth Museum.

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Ladies in costume after a parade in Chiemgau

Really there... ... at culture and events

Musicians at the Almumtrieb in Reit im Winkl
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tip 1 Events

There are almost as many events in the Chiemgau as there are pebbles in the Chiemsee. Traditional events, concerts, regional costume festivals, weekly markets, brass band music and theatre, guided cycling and hiking tours...

But what are the special highlights? Which event cannot be missed?

Here are our recommendations.

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Biere von den privaten Heimatbrauern
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tip 2 Breweries

Hardly any other region has as many different high-quality breweries as the Chiemgau. The Chiemgau brewers attach particular importance to the high quality and closeness to their homeland. That's another reason why twelve of them have joined forces to form the "Private Heimatbrauern".

The five brewery bike tours are a real experience in the Chiemgau. The tours lead from Bräustüberl to Bräustüberl and from beer garden to beer garden. However, it is advisable to only enjoy the "Radler" at the end.

Anyone who would like to try all facets of Chiemgau beer should not miss the brewery tours and seminars

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Schifffahrt Chiemsee
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tip 3 Places to see

Herrenchiemsee Castle on the island of the same name is world famous. Hardly any other sight is as representative of the Chiemgau as the magnificent palace built by King Ludwig II. But the region has far more destinations to offer - whatever the weather.

So it goes up to the Triassic Park on the Steinplatte, where replicas of dinosaurs can be admired. The almost complete skeleton of a mammoth awaits in Siegsdorf. A visit to the lovingly designed fairytale and amusement parks is a must for families with children.

Not enough? Then there are art galleries and museums...

To the destinations

The next holiday is coming up and with it the choice of the right accommodation. To keep every member of the family happy, we have a wide range of great accommodation options for our guests. Whether it's a holiday apartment, pensionor holiday on a farm- with us in the Chiemgau, every guest will find their perfect place to stay.

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View from the boat on the Fraueninsel
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event calendar

Experience music, theater and customs, be active in sports with like-minded people or explore the area with locals.

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Reit in Winkl im Winter
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Winter sports destinations

Traditional winter sports villages in the Chiemgau-Area

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Exhibit in the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein
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Destinations for every weather

Ideas for rainy and cloudy days

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View from the Chiemsee to the Fraueninsel
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Sights to see & places to visit

Absolutely worth seeing!

Let's go!
Hop cones in the Wochingerbräu
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Bavarian beer

Traditional beer from the local brewers

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View from Hochgern to the Chiemsee
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Detail of a traditional hat
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