Winterlandschaft am Chiemsee
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Chiemsee & water experience

Fancy a day at the seaside?

The largest lake in Bavaria, the Chiemsee, bears the name "Bavarian Sea" for a reason. Vacationers and locals alike appreciate it because of its size and the unforgettable panoramic view of the Chiemgau Alps. Between the beach bar and the cycle path, the lakeside café and boat rental, water sports and enjoyment are equally “at home”.

Lake Chiemsee is the largest and most famous lake in the region. But is has almost 50 little siblings. The Waginger See, for example, is the warmest lake in Upper Bavaria. The Frillensee is the coldest - and the only one with a bathing ban. When the wanderlust announces itself: How about a detour to "Little Canada" - that's what the locals call the three lakes area between Ruhpolding and Reit im Winkl. Taubensee and Tüttensee: one is the highest lake in the Chiemgau-Area and one a Toteissee.

Boy running in the Chiemsee, Chiemgau Alps in the background
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Lake Chiemsee

Ships, castles and water sports on the "Bavarian Sea"

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Waginger See

Bathing, cycling, relaxing or feasting on the warmest lake in Upper Bavaria

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Two women look out over the Frillensee in Inzell
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Lakes & nature experiences

50 favorite lakes in Chiemgau

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Kayakers on the Alz near Seebruck
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Water sports

Sport and fun in the water

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Chiemseefischer Martin Kreuz at sunrise on the Chiemsee
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Frischer Fisch aus Chiemsee und Waginger See

The photographer stands at the end of the footbridge from the Chiemsee and takes photos in the Chiemgau Alps
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Hiking next to lake Chiemsee

Always along the bank

To the Chiemsee
Detail of a traditional hat
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