Cycling tour

Rivers, mountains, moorland and plenty of alpine views

  • Starting point Tourist Info Rathausplatz 2
  • Location Siegsdorf
  • distance 40.0 kilometres
  • duration 03:00 hours
  • maximum altitude 664 meters
  • minimum altitude 520 meters
  • altitude difference 283 ascending
  • altitude difference 272 descending
intermediate difficulty

Tour description:

Siegsdorf - Bergen - Staudach - Grassau - Tiroler Ache - Winkl - Hütt - Weisse Ache - Bergen - Bernhaupten - Siegsdorf

Like a figure eight , the bike tour leads deep into the southern Chiemgau, like the infinity sign. Immediately after the start, the road in the direction of Adelholzen stretches quite a bit uphill. But diligent pedaling is rewarded, because at the end of the ascent, the first view of the peaks of the Chiemgau mountains presents itself. Shortly thereafter, the bike runs in a rapid descent into the typical landscape of the Alpine foothills with its extensive meadows.

Over the Bergener Bach it goes to the tranquil town of Bergen, and on towards Weidach and to the edge of the Bergener Moos. At the Marienkapelle near Pletschach you turn back onto the cycle path and look to the right into the extensive moor landscape that arose from the huge Ur-Chiemsee.

The beautiful nature slowly passes by. On the left, the Hochfelln and the Hochgern accompany the tour. After almost seven kilometers of leisurely biking, a postcard motif awaits: the Church of St. Andreas in picturesque Egerndach. It is idyllically located directly on the route, framed by farmsteads in the typical Alpine style.

After the village, the view opens up and the cycle path runs along the Staudach-Egerndacher Filze past flower meadows with a view of the Hochplatte. After crossing the bridge over the Tiroler Ache, just before the roundabout, turn sharp right onto the cycle path next to the Ache.

The Tiroler Ache has its source south of Kitzbühel, collects the ice-cold water of countless mountain streams and is the main tributary of the " Bavarian Sea ". Numerous gravel banks and lush meadows invite you to rest and cool off by the water. There should therefore be a picnic blanket and a towel in your backpack just in case.

It continues along the flood dam , under a railway bridge and the A 8 motorway. Here the route meets the well-known Chiemsee cycle path. This is left at Grabenstätter Moos and the quiet side road towards Sossau is reached. The Sossau chapel, which stands on a hill between three birch trees, greets you from afar.

The continuation of the journey at the edge of the Sossauer Filz'n leads past the Klinger chapel over the Weiße Achen directly into the Bergen Moor. The natural spectacle with birch trees and moor lakes seems almost enchanted, many say that time has stood still here.

A short stretch through Bergen is the same as the way there, then turn off and drive past the St. Ägidius Church in the direction of Bernhaupten. From here you pedal uphill and downhill towards your goal: an ice cream at the Weißen Traun in the center of Siegsdorf.

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A visit to the natural history and mammoth museum in Siegsdorf is a must!