The idyllically situated Alm can be reached from different places.

  • You can either start your hike directly from the valley (Rottau) or park your car at the Strehtrumpf/ Grassau hikers' car park and start from there. This saves you a large part of the route. The walking time is 90 minutes from the valley and approx. 60 minutes from the high trumpet.
  • You can also start in Marquartstein at the parking lot of the Hochplattenbahn . From here you follow a forest road until you reach a fork in the road. Turn right here in the direction of the Hefter-Alm and follow a now narrower path past the Rachlalm . Then you go over alpine meadows to the Alm (ascent time: approx. 1 hour) .
  • The third option is ahiking tour starting at the Grassau Tourist Info.

The Alm is located in a pasture area , which is why children in particular will have fun. In summer , cows, goats, horses and smaller animals such as rabbits and chickens graze here.
But even with the snack, many a heart will open. The innkeepers Irmi and Josef Guggenbichler make the cheese, bread, apple cider, liqueurs and schnapps themselves .

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