Heinrich-Kirchner Galerie

In 2010, the Heinrich Kirchner Gallery was opened next to the Bedaium Roman Museum. Heinrich Kirchner, who lived in the community of Seeon-Seebruck until his death in 1984, had already begun teaching himself the technique of bronze casting during his studies. He prefers to use the wax-melting casting technique, which was already known in antiquity. Heinrich Kirchner wanted to convey a very specific message to the viewer of his bronze sculptures. To do this, he thought about and planned his characters very carefully. His work is expressive art - in contrast to l`art, i.e. art as an end in itself. When he designed a figure, the most important thing for him was to find exactly the form that made its message clearly understandable to the viewer. For example, if she had to be able to see very well, then he would have her eyes highlighted in a meaningful way. His large bronze sculptures can be found at various locations in the municipality of Seeon-Seebruck. A large number of his work pieces are exhibited in the gallery. Braille on the exhibits, step-free access.

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