In the midst of a beautiful Alpine panorama, you could always hear the cracking and cracking of falling trees for a long time. The Holzknechtmuseum is now located exactly where the wood was harvested back then. Woodcutters were once called forest workers . In her honor, the community of Ruhpolding has been showing the everyday life of the workers since 1988 - clearly presented at stations that are housed in the typical woodcutters' huts. They show woodwork productions and encourage visitors to experience past working and living environments with interactive elements . The museum is embedded in the picturesque Ruhpolding three-lake landscape . It also bears the name "Little Canada" and this already suggests the large amount of wood in the middle of this wild nature. Embark on a journey through time and take part in the hard life of the woodcutters or explore the surrounding nature on a leisurely hike in mostly flat surroundings.

Current price information is available here: http://www.holzknechtmuseum.com/


Have you ever thought about an event location of a special kind? The museum's huts offer an exceptional setting for celebrations of all kinds.
A major event that takes place there every third winter is the Ruhpoldinger Waldweihnacht - a unique experience that immediately puts you in the mood for Christmas with a contemporary staging of the Christmas story in front of a truly impressive backdrop.

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