The Johanneskirche was built in 1400 in the Gothic style on the same spot where the Romanesque "baptistery" had previously been the center of the town. In 1834 it experienced a fatal fire. In addition to the Johanneskirche and the neighboring Maximilianskirche, large parts of the village were destroyed. The parish took care of their old Saint John and restored the village church. Almost 30 years later, the community was hit again by a violent fire. This destroyed roof truss and tower. The people of Grabenstätter did not give up and devoted themselves to the restoration of their church a second time. It has been preserved in its current formsince 1870 .

Fragments of a fresco painting

Particularly noteworthy are the Gothic frescoes with the powerful figure of Saint Christopher , which were uncovered in 1969. In the autumn of 1969, when the Johanneskirche was being prepared for its 1100th anniversary with thorough cleaning, a holiday guest discovered individual patches of paint on the walls under the weathered paint inside the cleared out interior of the church - the fragments of a fresco painting . The church painter Hugo Wolliroider was commissioned to uncover this treasure. At the end of July 1971, the work that the viewer sees today was completed.

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Not far from the Johanneskirche is the Roman Museum of the municipality of Grabenstätt. Here you can discover traces of the Romans, which go back to the year 720.

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