Kleine Runde durch den Rupertiwinkel

Cycling tour

Beautiful road bike tour through the Rupertiwinkel without toxic gradients.

  • Starting point Tourist Info Waginger See
  • Location Waging by the lake
  • distance 44.7 kilometres
  • duration 02:25 hours
  • maximum altitude 521 meters
  • minimum altitude 414 meters
  • altitude difference 411 ascending
  • altitude difference 0 descending
intermediate difficulty

Tour description:

Less than 45 km, few meters in altitude, no toxic gradients, mostly side roads, beautiful landscapes and panoramic views with numerous rest stops in the tourist resorts of the Rupertiwinkel. Directions Tourist Info - cycle path underpass adST2105 left - cycle path underpass adST2104 - Angerpoint - right in Fisching - Seeteufel - cycle path underpass adST2105 right towards Taching - turn right through the cycle path underpass towards Tettenhausen - Tettenhausen - at the end of the town turn right towards Petting - at Wolkerdorf left through the cycle path underpass towards Sauberg - Röhrmoos - intersection near Hausen straight ahead - T-junction adTS25 left towards Kirchanschöring - through Kirchanschöring - at the end of the village turn right onto Leobendorfer Straße - after approx. 1.5 km turn left - after approx. 900 m T-junction left - follow the road to Leobendorf - left in town - T-junction adST2103 right and immediately left again into Seebadstraße - T-junction right near Fisching - after approx. 1 km right - after approx. 300 m fork right - follow the road to the T-junction adST2103 left - on d.ST2103 to Schönram - adRadweg to Petting - left in town - continue over the bridge (ST2104) straight ahead adT S23 - Teichting right towards Waging - Parschall - adTS27 T-junction - right towards Waging - before Feichten turn right towards Hirschhalm - after Hirschhalm turn left towards Mühlberg - follow the road to the Mühlberg pilgrimage church - approx. 400 m back to the junction on the left towards Waging - Egg - cycle path underpass adST2105 - Waging am See.

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Circular tour

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