Kloster Seeon

The monastery was built in the middle of the Seeoner See as early as 994 . Over the centuries it has been steadily expanded and rebuilt again and again. It was known for its important writing room, in which not only books for personal use, but also documents for other churches and monasteries or for trade were made. On a guided tour through the monastery , the renaissance frescoes and the renovated cloister are particularly impressive. In the course of the expropriation of church property by the state, the picturesque monastery on the peninsula was converted into a castle. Even then, it was used as accommodation for the European nobility and important business people. The guests enjoyed the wonderful location after the exhausting journey.

Old values repackaged

The former Benedictine monastery has belonged to the Upper Bavaria district since 1986. As a cultural monument worthy of protection, the district extensively renovated it before it was reopened as a cultural and educational center in 1993. Since then it has served as a venue for numerous conferences and seminars , as well as concerts and exhibitions .


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