Naturkunde- und Mammut Museum Siegsdorf

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In 1975 the bones of a 45,000 year old mammoth were found near Siegsdorf - this spectacular discovery was the trigger for the foundation of the museum. With a shoulder height of 3.60 meters, the Siegsdorf mammoth is one of the largest mammoth skeletons ever found in Germany. There is no question that the life-size replica of the mammoth is still THE attraction in the Siegsdorf Museum even after decades. But the cave-like spaces of the geological world are also worth a visit. There you can take a close look at the most important types of rock in the region. Or you meet the inhabitants of this primeval dwelling, the Neanderthals in the bear cave or another skeleton , that of the Siegsdorf cave lion . This and much more leads you through between stalactites and flint blades - have fun discovering!

Every Thursday from May to mid-October is Stone Age Day with a campfire and many hands-on stations. Just come without registering.

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