MTB 9 Priener Hütte


Enjoyable tour through the Priental and on the Geigelstein, the flower mountain of the Chiemgau.

  • Starting point Kampenwandbahn car park
  • Location Aschau im Chiemgau
  • distance 36.1 kilometres
  • duration 04:30 hours
  • maximum altitude 1413 meters
  • minimum altitude 618 meters
  • altitude difference 820 ascending
  • altitude difference 820 descending
intermediate difficulty

Tour description:

The tour starts at the Festhalle car park, which you leave by turning right onto the main road in the direction of Sachrang. Follow the road until you turn into the district of Wald shortly after Brückl. After a short while, always following the road, you will find yourself back on the bike path next to the main road, which will take you to Sachrang. Arriving at the Geigelstein car park in Sachrang, the tour starts uphill in the direction of Geigelstein. To do this, follow the signs to the Priener Hütte. The sometimes steep, well-developed forest road leads to a cozy hut with great views, which is open all year round. Then it's the same way back down into the valley.

Recommended months for this tour