Rund um Hochgern und Hochfelln

Cycling tour

As the title of the tour suggests, it goes into the mountains. We get to know the classic winter sports resorts of Schleching, Kössen in Austria, Reit im Winkl and Ruhpolding.

  • Starting point Tourist Info Waginger See
  • Location Waging by the lake
  • distance 110.0 kilometres
  • duration 04:53 hours
  • maximum altitude 783 meters
  • minimum altitude 462 meters
  • altitude difference 1019 ascending
  • altitude difference 1019 descending
difficult difficulty

Tour description:

The imposing mountain flanks are within reach on this tour and the nature reserve "Eastern Chiemgau Alps" with its many shady passages offers relaxed cycling even in midsummer. Overall, this tour requires a good level of fitness and ... you have to like the long climbs. With 110 km and about 1000 meters difference in altitude, we have another demanding tour ahead of us. However, there are no toxic climbs. The track rolls well. This is also thanks to the route, which at times leads to main roads. After all, at 110 km you want to make progress, enjoy the area and not wear yourself out in complex searches for the right way. There are many rest stops in the tourist locations worth seeing. Directions: Tourist Info - Marktplatz - Bahnhofstraße - adShell gas station left on idTraunsteiner Straße - Unterschau - Oberaschau - adBergkuppe T-junction left - Miesenböck - Mayerhofen - adST2105 T-junction right - through the cycle path underpass then right - Weibhausen - cycle path towards Traunstein - Hufschlag - Traunstein roundabout 2nd exit adB306 - after approx. 800 m turn right in the city - follow the road approx. 2.3 km - traffic light-controlled turnoff right through the underpass towards Vachendorf - Axdorf - Vachendorf - straight through the town - Bernhaupten - Bergen - in the town center right - at the end of town T-junction right towards Staudach - Stauddach/Egerdach - in the village before the Mühlwinkl inn turn left towards Marquartstein - in Marquartstein turn right over the bridge - after approx. 120 m cross the B305 and idTS55 towards Raiten - Raiten - at the end of the town T -Crossroads turn right in the direction of Schleching - Schleching - German/Austrian border at Klobenstein - Kössen - through the village - at the end of the village turn left a dL39 towards Reit im Winkl - Reit im Winkl - through the village towards Ruhpolding - straight ahead through Ruhpolding - Eisenärzt - ST 2098 roundabout 2nd exit towards Traunstein - B306 Traunstein roundabout 1st exit then immediately left - Hufschlag - Weibhausen - in Weibhausen turn right towards St .Leonhard - Plattenberg - turn right in St.Leonhard - after approx. 650 m at Köpfelsberg turn left towards Waging - at the grove in front of the creek turn left towards Waging - Haslach - junction right adST2105 - Waging am See.

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The tour leads to Austria. Please bring ID with you. You never know ....


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