Städtetour nach Laufen

Cycling tour

This road bike tour is a leisurely ride that focuses on relaxed cycling.

  • Starting point Tourist Info Waginger See
  • Location Waging by the lake
  • distance 42.3 kilometres
  • duration 01:55 hours
  • maximum altitude 483 meters
  • minimum altitude 400 meters
  • altitude difference 374 ascending
  • altitude difference 374 descending
easy difficulty

Tour description:

Laufen has a small but very beautiful old town centre. The 100-year-old wrought-iron bridge over the Salzach to Austria is worth seeing. In Schönram there is a wonderful beer garden with traditional Bavarian delicacies, which you can use to strengthen yourself for the last 10 km to Waging. Directions: Tourist Info - Marktplatz - Seestraße - Kammering Kuppe - T-junction ST 2105 left - cycle path underpass right - Tettenhausen - at the end of the town turn right - Lampoding junction left towards Kirchanschöring, Panorama **** - Kirchanschöring - straight through the town - Eberding - T - Junction ad B20 right towards Laufen - bike path along the B20 to Laufen - historic old town with Salzach bridge - BGL15 Leobendorf - Schönram - bike path towards Waging along the ST 2104 - junction to Petting id TS30 - Petting - left in the village - ad bike path right towards Waging - Gaden-Waging

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Circular tour

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Tips for this tour

- In Oberndorf, on the Austrian side of the wrought-iron bridge, there is a little church where the Christmas carol "Silent Night - Holy Night" was first performed. Worth seeing! About 150 m to the left on the shore road. - Cozy beer garden in Schönram


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