Alzbad in Truchtlaching

Alzbad Truchtlaching - unique and special

The Alzbad in Truchtlaching is truly unique , because there is no river lido anywhere else in the region. It lies in a slowly flowing section of the Alz between Seebruck and Truchtlaching and is therefore easily accessible. The large, green lawn is surrounded by trees, which provide shade on hot summer days with their large canopy. Four bathing jetties lead you out onto the water. From them you can daringly dive into the cool water or gently slide in from the steps. The water, which is of drinking water quality , heats up quite quickly in summer, making bathing fun a thing of the past.

Thanks to the spacious non-swimmer area and the many different play and gymnastic equipment, the Alzbad is ideal for families with children .

Sporty on the go

The volleyball court is not your only opportunity to do sports. But on the contrary. Table tennis tables are available for one or the other game of table tennis with your friends or relatives. The zodiac boat drivers who row down the Alz to Seebruck or Altenmark like to use the Alzbad to rest and have a bite to eat. The Alzbad with its jetty is perfect for this.

Refreshments are provided

When the weather is nice, you don't have to worry about your food. Fresh coffee and cake from the in-house bakery as well as ice cream and snacks as well as grilled specialties are served here.

opening hours

Access to the Alzbad is possible all year round, the kiosk is open from May to September depending on the weather


Admission free!

Contact details

Wehrländer Str.
83376 Truchtlaching
+49 8667 7139
+49 8667 / 7415