Triassic Park Steinplatte

Get into the gondola – up to prehistoric times

The interactive theme park Triassic Park brings history to life like never before

How about an exciting journey back in time? In the Triassic Park on the Steinplatte Waidring, dinosaurs, corals and ammonites delight explorers young and old - in any weather . Where the popular Steinplatte skiing and hiking area is today, the ancient sea Tethys was located 200 million years ago. The Triassic Park offers primeval fun for the whole family with the Triassic Center, Triassic Beach, Triassic Trail, viewing platform, Fischer's coral garden and the stalactite cave. The past becomes even more vivid with augmented reality: What is it like to stand next to a true-to-life dinosaur? Modern amusements such as hiking, climbing or biking are also not neglected on the Steinplatte. So let's get on the stone slab for an unforgettable day in prehistoric times.


Entrance to the park is free


The park is wheelchair and stroller accessible

Contact details

Bergbahn Steinplatte
Alpegg 10
A-6384 Waidring
+43 5353 53300