Wallfahrtskirche Maria Eck

Although it was "only" built in 1626 , the Maria Eck pilgrimage church can already look back on a very checkered history at this location. Brother Edmund from the Maria Eck monastery wrote two books about Maria Eck in 1975 and 1991. It is impossible to present the more than 350-year- old history of Maria Eck in a nutshell. A few examples of the eventful history emerge from the following lines:

According to legend, woodcutters encountered light phenomena on today's church hill on the eve of high church Marian festivals. Only when a small pilgrimage church was built there did this strange phenomenon come to an end. In 1636 the first small church was replaced by a larger building. The monastery building above the pilgrimage church was added from 1730.

Pilgrimage to Maria Eck

After some back and forth, the pilgrimage to Maria Eck flourished again around 1814 . In 1826, a road was built from Siegsdorf to Maria Eck in a joint effort. In just 12 days, 1274 men and 391 wagons managed the access route.
On August 15, 1891, the Franciscan Minorites took over the pilgrimage pastoral care in Maria Eck.
In addition to the numerous community and association pilgrimages, the traditional costume pilgrimage to Maria Eck has been taking place annually since shortly after the Second World War. On the 3rd Sunday in May, well over 5,000 people in traditional costume make the pilgrimage from Siegsdorf to Maria Eck. In the course of its long history, Maria Eck has developed into what is probably the most important place of pilgrimage in the diocese of Munich and Freising .

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