Cycling tour

On the bike from farm to farm

  • Starting point Parking deck on Reiterbergstrasse
  • Location Obing
  • distance 47.5 kilometres
  • duration 03:00 hours
  • maximum altitude 628 meters
  • minimum altitude 509 meters
  • altitude difference 407 ascending
  • altitude difference 407 descending
intermediate difficulty

Tour description:

Obing - Ilzham - Pittenhart - Alterham - Amerang - Gallertsham - Allerding - Schnaitsee - Kienberg - Stockham - Schalkham - Obing

The Farm Safari is a true country outing. It connects the villages of Obing, Pittenhart, Amerang and Schnaitsee over almost 50 kilometers. You don't just see small, traditional "Sacherl" (Bavarian for: small, agricultural property) and stately, modern farms - you can also learn a lot about agricultural life then and now. In addition to three farm museums , there are many exotic animals to discover, as befits a safari. It takes you to an ostrich farm and a movie animal farm. Several bathing lakes are also located along the safari route. If the round is too long for you, you can shorten it and cycle it in two stages.

Shortly after starting in the traditional village of Obing, you will reach the Seiml-Hof adventure farm. Visits can be booked there by prior notification by email. From Pittenhart you cycle clockwise over a ridge. Here, near Altenham, you have an impressive view of the Alps in front of you. Through forests and along meadows you reach the "museum village" Amerang . In Allerding, in the north of the tour, the farm safari is exotic: ostriches strut around on the listed four-sided farm. In addition to meat and sausages, ostrich eggs can also be purchased in the farm shop . They are weighed in kilos and are sure to be an exceptional holiday souvenir.

Shortly thereafter, cool refreshment awaits you: the Weitsee invites young and old to pass the time with a lawn, kiosk, diving tower, football field and a shady sand playground.

After Schnaitsee you can visit the Simbeck film animal farm in Harpfing with a detour and prior registration. Here you will meet animals that can otherwise only be experienced on "real" safaris or on television: Panther Nero, snakes and other film stars bring exotic flair to the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. For those who like it "down to earth", there are riding lessons or rides on "normal" horses.


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Circular tour

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Huts along the tour

Bräustüberl Baderbräu Schnaitsee

The home-brewed beers and Baderbräu snacks can be enjoyed in the cozy Bräustüberl or, in good weather, in the small but lovely beer garden.

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