Aussichtsturm in der Grassauer Kendlmühlfilze
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Bird watching

at Lake Chiemsee

Nature guides will show you some of the more than 300 native bird species around Lake Chiemsee.

The Chiemsee is known for its diverse flora and fauna. Over 300 different bird species have been sighted here. That's why Lake Chiemsee nature guides are happy to take you along for bird watching. These take place all year round around the lake and are free of charge and without registration.

You can find all the dates for the guided tours in our events calendar.

Bird watching towers

Towers and platforms invite you to observe nature on particularly beautiful sections of the bank.

For example, in Seebruck there is one in Burgham behind the forest and one in the spa park to the left of the Roman "Darre". In Grabenstätt you will find the towers in the Hirschau Bay where the Tiroler Ache flows into Lake Chiemsee and in Hagenau, from where you have a great view of the Achendelta and the mountain panorama. The platform in Chieming is barrier-free and at the parking lot of the Klinik Alpenhof. You can find the tower in Übersee after a walk from the lido Übersee along the bank path. You can discover the tower in Grassau when you explore the Kendlmühlfilze on the Moorrundweg.

Seeadler am Chiemsee
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Seeadler*in sucht Partner*in

Genderwahnsinn? Nein. Es ist nur so, dass selbst Vogelexperten nicht mit Gewissheit sagen können, ob der Seeadler am Chiemsee ein Weibchen oder Männchen ist.

Two professional fishermen out and about on the Chiemsee
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Fangfrischer Chiemsee-Fisch

Aus dem Netz auf den Tisch. Der Weg der Chiemsee-Renke und die Fischerei als traditionsreicher Beruf im Überblick.

Sailboat on the Chiemsee with a view towards Seebruck
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Bereit zur Wende

So geht Segeln am Chiemsee: Von Seemannsgarn bis zu echten Geheimtipps rund ums Segeln.

Rider on the Gut Ising riding arena in Chiemgau
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Um den Chiemsee im Galopp

Reite in deinem Urlaub ins Pferdeparadies Chiemgau. Wir zeigen die Highlights und eine Top Auswahl an Reitsportzentren in der Region.

Couple looks over the Chiemsee, in the background the Chiemsee Schifffahrt
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find accommodation

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Couple walks on Chiemsee
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6 am Chiemsee

Urlaub direkt am Chiemsee

Boy running in the Chiemsee, Chiemgau Alps in the background
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Lake Chiemsee

Ships, castles and water sports on the "Bavarian Sea"

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The photographer stands at the end of the footbridge from the Chiemsee and takes photos in the Chiemgau Alps
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Hiking next to lake Chiemsee

Always along the bank

To the Chiemsee

Chiemsee Radweg

60 kilometers around the "Bavarian Sea"

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