Burg Tittmoning

It was once the summer residence of the Salzburg bishops - during its 800-year history, Tittmoning Castle changed hands several times and, like the entire region, belonged sometimes to Bavaria and sometimes to Salzburg. In 1816, the Rupertigau, and with it Tittmoning and its castle, finally fell to Bavaria. Some remnants of bygone times in the local history museum , which houses the castle, still bear witness to this eventful past. An extensive collection of folk art and traditional handicrafts awaits you in 23 historic rooms . The largest collection of rifle targets in Bavaria can also be seen, with the oldest exhibits dating back to 1600.

Historical crafts in Tittmoning

The Tittmoninger Tannery Museum is also located in the castle rooms. The old craft looks back on a long history in the region and shows this as well as the way from leather skin to leather pants in the historic ambience of the castle.
There are encounters behind castle walls at a wide variety of events. Whether concerts or exhibitions, conferences or civil weddings - Tittmoning Castle provides a stylish setting for a wide variety of events.

The outdoor area can be visited at any time. The two museums "Tanneries Museum" and "Museum Rupertiwinkel" can only be visited as part of a guided tour or during opening hours.


Outdoor facilities can be visited free of charge.
Tannery Museum can be visited free of charge.
Museum Rupertiwinkel can only be visited as part of a guided tour (for a fee). (Thursday to Sunday 2:00 p.m.)

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