Der Bus der Chiemseeringlinie an einer Haltestelle
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RVO guest card - free on the go with the RVO

Relax on vacation and do something for the environment at the same time. With the RVO guest card, this combination is now perfect. From May 1st, 2023,the guest card of the RVOallows you to travel by bus free of chargethroughout Upper Bavaria. Of course, the Chiemgau is also included here, in 13 communitiesyou can now take a bus without having to worry about the costs.  

And it's that easy, get the guest card in the respective tourist information, get on the bus, show the card and enjoy the wonderful journey through the Chiemgau.

In these communities, our guests can now benefit from the advantages of the mobile guest card of the RVO:

  • mountains
  • Chieming
  • Grabenstätt-Erlsätt
  • Grass sow with rottau
  • incell
  • Eco-model Achental (Marquartstein, Schleching, Staudach-Egerndach, Ober- and Unterwössen)
  • Ruhpolding
  • Seeon-Seebruck
  • Siegsdorf
  • Overseas

These lines are included:

The ChiemgauCard Ruhpolding & Inzell is recognized on the following lines: 9505, 9506, 9508, 9509, 9512, 9514, 9518, 9520, 9526, 9535 (surcharge), 9537, 9538, 9539, 9540, 9541, 9543, 9546 , 9548 (to the toll station), 9549 (to Obersalzberg)

The Inzell guest card is recognized on the following lines: 9506, 9526, 9535 (between the Boden, Zwing and Schmelz stops)

The bus pass is not valid on the following routes:

  • Line 847 Alm adventure bus
  • Line 849 Kehlstein bus departure - Kehlstein parking lot
  • Line 9507 Seegatterl - Winklmoos
  • Line 9410 Gars - Hague - Munich
  • Line 9424 local transport Prien: train station - RoMedKlinik
  • Line 9449 Citybus Traunreut
  • MVV line
  • foreign route sections
  • Rufbus Wasserburg

Exception line 848 section: Oberaudort - Roßfeld (only 5 journeys per bus pass). A toll must be set up separately on certain routes

The "Chiemseeringline" is the first local public transport line to circle Lake Chiemsee directly. It opens up numerous possibilities for combined hiking and cycling tours and is on the road seven days a week from Pentecost to the beginning of October.

The timetablecan be downloaded here.

The costsare:

  • Day tickets adults: €10.60 /children: €6.60
  • Bicycletransport: €2.10 per trip
  • Locals(residents of the participating communities + residents of Traunstein) receive a local ticket for €4.50 upon presentation of their identity card on the bus.
  • for spa card holdersof the participating municipalities, the ride is free > Aschau, Bernau, Breitbrunn, Chieming, Grabenstätt, Grassau, Prien, Rimsting, Seeon-Seebruck, Übersee, Bad Endorf and Gstadt-Gollenshausen

Route scheme:A bus departsfrom Prienthree times a day and travels in the directionof Übersee - Chieming - Gstadtaround the lake. A bus startstwice a day from Chiemingand drives in the directionof Übersee - Prien - Gstadtaround the lake.

Connection to bus and train:

  • Priental line RVO 9502 with bike rack
  • Achental line RVO 9505 with bike carrier + RVO 9509
  • Connection to the train stations Bad Endorf - Prien - Bernau - Übersee - Traunstein
  • Chiemgau-Bahn Prien - Aschau DB 952 (free bicycle transport)

BahnCard: Recognition with 25% discount, Bayern tickets are also sold on the bus.


In 2022 the Chiemsee Bus Musi will take place for the first time. Musicians with ziach or guitar visit the line.

Couple looks over the Chiemsee, in the background the Chiemsee Schifffahrt
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Couple walks on Chiemsee
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6 am Chiemsee

Urlaub direkt am Chiemsee

Das Ziachduo Rampersberger und Wallner
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Chiemsee Bus Musi

16.05., 27.05., 30.09. und 07.10.: Mit Musik rund um den See