Fraueninsel island

Gem in the middle of Lake Chiemsee

The Fraueninsel , which is just 15.5 hectares in size, invites you to take a break from the stressful everyday life and immerse yourself in a small paradise in the middle of Lake Chiemsee . It is not only known and loved for its scenic features , but also as a place of pilgrimage in honor of the blessed Irmengard, the patron saint of the Chiemgau . The Frauenwörth monastery with its monastery shop is a magnet for visitors to the island . The community of Benedictine nuns who still live there today characterizes the mentality with which the islanders meet their guests.

Discovery tour on the Fraueninsel

A liner of the Chiemsee-Schifffahrt brings you - always accompanied by a breathtaking mountain panorama - to the island. There you can try smoked fish specialties and experience a very special hospitality . In summer you can take a tour of the island, marvel at the flower and herb gardens , explore hidden, mysterious places and discover the symbol of the Fraueninsel : the free-standing bell tower , which was built around the 12th century . It is just as outstanding as the various concerts and art exhibitions that keep attracting culture enthusiasts to the island.

Your very own winter fairy tale

In winter, islanders and exhibitors invite you to get in the spirit of Advent at the Christmas market. The small market is not only worth a visit because of its many lights that are reflected in the adjacent water. Above all, regional handicrafts and local specialties make your visit to the pre-Christmas Fraueninsel a winter experience that warms you from the inside.

Several accommodation options welcome you to the island. Treat yourself to a longer break and experience the soothing silence that settles over the island, especially when the last ship departs for the "mainland" in the evening.


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