Im Einklang Radeln

Cycling tour

If you are looking for inner peace, this is the place for you.

  • Starting point Tourist Info town square
  • Location Traunstein
  • distance 37.2 kilometres
  • duration 03:20 hours
  • maximum altitude 631 meters
  • minimum altitude 449 meters
  • altitude difference 462 ascending
  • altitude difference 462 descending
easy difficulty

Tour description:

Waging - Weidach - Freimann - Kammer - Kaltenbach - Aiging - Empfing - Traunstein - Ettendorf - Hufschlag - Lauter - Töfenreut - St. Leonhard am Wonneberg - Waging

The first few meters of the cycle tour "Cycle in harmony" lead through the "original" historic town center of Waging . It goes from the parking lot on the Strandbadallee through the winding and tranquil town center, past the Mariensäule , the market square and the parish church of St. Martin . We follow the Höllenbach from Waging through Weidach. In the next village, Kammer, the Gasthaus zur Post invites you to stop for a bit. Here is the parish church of Kammer , built around 1450 in honor of Saint John the Baptist.

The deceleration cycle tour continues via Neuhausen along the Rettenbach to Kaltenbach. At the Kaltenbacher Mühlbach you come to the Traunweg, overcome the following climb, to Aiging. In unison we continue cycling in the direction of Weiderting. The next stop is the "divided" Klobenstein . There you will quickly realize why many locals see it as an imposing place of power. One half offers breathtaking views of the mystical landscape between Traun and Nagelfluwand. In the other half there is an idyllic Marienkapelle .

The next stage offers a romantic landscape upstream to the Empfinger allotment gardens . Along the Traun we head in the direction of Traunstein, past the eye chapel . Arrived there – in the “heart of the Chiemgau” – the lifelines of Pope Benedict XVI are waiting to be discovered. One of the stops on the Traunstein Benedict Trail is the Pope's parents' house , which is right on the edge of the tour. Even before you reach Traunstein, the church of St. Vitus and Anna, also known as the "Ettendorfer Kircherl" , welcomes you enthroned in the north above the town. The view from here of Traunstein and the Chiemgau summit panorama behind it is magnificent.

Continue to Lauter via Straß and Öd. The Gasthaus Lauter awaits the guests with traditional dishes and a planned e-bike charging station . The further way leads you to Waging to a hill near Töfenreut. After the panorama highlight we continue to Wonneberg. A visit to the frescoed interior of the parish church of St. Leonhard is definitely worthwhile. You continue to Waging via the Köpfelsberg and Haslach. The last climb takes you to the Maria Mühlberg pilgrimage church before you get back to the starting point of the tour.

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