Kapellenweg - Osterbuchberg-Runde

hiking tour

One of 4 meditative paths to chapels and churches in Übersee on Lake Chiemsee.

  • Starting point Parking lot on the Tiroler Achen in Almau
  • Location Overseas
  • distance 5.4 kilometres
  • duration 01:30 hours
  • maximum altitude 585 meters
  • minimum altitude 527 meters
  • altitude difference 72 ascending
  • altitude difference 75 descending
easy difficulty

Tour description:

From the starting point at the parking lot on the Tiroler Achen back to the Achenbrücke, cross it, turn right onto the top of the dam to the pedestrian footbridge. Over this and in the extension the narrow path to the Osterbuchberg. Once you reach the top, continue for about 200 m to the Zaißl chapel (4). Past this on the right, follow the tar road further up, over a flatter, almost level section, after a right bend there is a climb that after approx. 50 m reveals the enjoyable view to the south. Here on the right at the corner is the Haindlsteiner Wegkapellchen (5). We stay on the tar road, pass the next farm with a small duck pond (farm name Moier) and after about 250 m turn right onto a farm road to the south. Once at the bottom, keep right and go straight back to the starting point. Again to the Achenbrücke, from where you can see the district of Almau with the branch church of St. Leonhard (6) to the west. This can be reached via the dam top to the south or via the concrete road pointing west.

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