Nördlicher Rupertiwinkel

Cycling tour

Road bike tour in the Rupertiwinkel with recurring panoramic views and some steep climbs.

  • Starting point Tourist Info Waginger See
  • Location Waging by the lake
  • distance 33.3 kilometres
  • duration 01:30 hours
  • maximum altitude 573 meters
  • minimum altitude 446 meters
  • altitude difference 340 ascending
  • altitude difference 0 descending
intermediate difficulty

Tour description:

Like almost every tour in the Rupertiwinkel, this round impresses with its recurring panoramic view. The short trip is spiced up with a few steep climbs. The round begins with a steep ascent, at the end of which you have an incredible view of Lake Waginger with the Alps in the background. After Tettenberg the "slogging" is over. Then the round becomes a relaxed ride through the slightly hilly northern Rupertiwinkel. Directions Tourist Info - Marktplatz - into Seestraße - over the Kammeringer Kuppe to the turnoff to Krautenberg - above Panorama ***** - continue to the T-junction - right - continue to the turnoff to Tettenberg - right - on the Kuppe Panorama ***** - Tettenberg - continue to the ST 2104 towards Holzhausen - turn right at the junction towards Palling - Brünning - in the village turn right towards Gengham - after Gengham left/right - Hörmetsham - Ranham - Freutsmoos - before the village turn right - Oberroidham - Kagern - after Kagern left/right - Mitterroidham - Tengling - Taching - monkfish at Waging - Fisching - Waging

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Circular tour

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