Rund um den Tachinger und Waginger See

Cycling tour

Racing bike tour around Lake Waginger and Lake Tachinger. Also for less experienced cyclists.

  • Starting point Tourist Info Waginger See
  • Location Waging by the lake
  • distance 32.8 kilometres
  • duration 01:21 hours
  • maximum altitude 507 meters
  • minimum altitude 443 meters
  • altitude difference 304 ascending
  • altitude difference 0 descending
easy difficulty

Tour description:

A nice round for less experienced cyclists. The route profile is very moderate. Nevertheless, the tour offers many impressive views over the lakes into the magical mountains of the Chiemgau Alps. A special eye-catcher is the view from Bichelen, which will surely look familiar to friends of the TV series "Dahoam is dahoam". Directions Tourist Info - cycle path underpass ST 2105 left - cycle path underpass ST 2104 - Angerpoint - Fisching - Seeteufel - cycle path underpass ST 2105 right - Taching - Tengling - right in town - Furthmühle junction left - little church St.Coloman Panorama *** - back down onto the municipal road , continue left - Gessenhausen - right at Notbicheln T-junction - Hirschbuch - Bicheln Panorama **** - Tettenhausen - left in the town - at the end of the town fork right in the direction of Petting - Lampoding - Petting - straight through the town - ad ST 2104 cycle path to Waging - Waging by the lake. Tips: Church of St. Coloman: A wonderful view over the Tachinger See with the Alps in the background. Bichelen: Fabulous panorama!!! From here the panorama for the TV series "Dahoam is dahoam" was shot. Lampoding: Another incomparably beautiful view over Lake Waging with the Chiemgau Alps in the background. The seaside resorts of Taching, Tengling, Tettenhausen, Kühnhausen and Waging offer plenty of opportunities for a bathing break and to stop off.

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