Heinz vom Stein - Erlebniswelt

In all of Europe there is no such well-preserved cave castle as the one in Stein an der Traun. All rooms - from the prison with the torture chamber, through the kitchen and bedrooms, to the great knight's hall - are accessible and bathed in atmospheric light. The Steiner Höhlenburg is a rare jewel among German castles.

On the trail of the robber baron

The high castle from the 12th century, enthroned on the 500 meter long and over 50 meter high Nagelfluhwand, is accessible at all times. From the Steiner Felsen, visitors can enjoy a fantastic panorama of northern Chiemgau. The cave castle of the legendary robber knight "Heinz vom Stein" is located below the lookout point.


Follow in the footsteps of the dreaded "Heinz vom Stein" and experience the Middle Ages in all of its fascinating and eerie facets.

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