Chiemgauer Schmankerltour

Cycling tour

The name says it all: Experience the culinary delights of the area!

  • Starting point Town center of Waging
  • Location Waging by the lake
  • distance 47.4 kilometres
  • duration 03:00 hours
  • maximum altitude 623 meters
  • minimum altitude 300 meters
  • altitude difference 421 ascending
  • altitude difference 300 descending
intermediate difficulty

Tour description:

Waging - Otting - Kammer - Traunwalchen - Sankt Georgen - Stein ad Traun - Daxberg - Palling - Harpfetsham - Burg - Tengling - Taching - Krautenberg - Waging

One of the possible starting points of the Chiemgau delicacies tour is the town of Waging .

If you start your tour there, there are several delicious delicacies: Every Saturday, regional producers present themselves and their products at the farmer's market . The "Mecca for lovers of Bavarian cheese delights" is also located here, in the heart of the idyllic lakeside resort. In the "cheese counter with culinary delights" of the private cheese dairy Bergader you will find all Bergader cheese specialties and many other delicacies related to cheese.

In the Gasthaus Bräukeller, steamed noodles and highly recommended roast pork are usually offered on Fridays. The Eichenhof offers steam noodle weeks, eating in the dark, breakfast buffet and shrimp meals again and again. The candlelight dinner in the Landhaus Tanner , the multi-award-winning slow food restaurant, is romantic. Right on the lake, at the Seestüberl in the wellness garden , great value is placed on high-quality regional dishes - the restaurant even has its own chicken coop on a farm. If this selection is not enough for you, you should schedule your visit to the village by the lake during the Waginger Gourmet Weeks , which take place annually in autumn (September / October). Pleasure also has something to do with drinking, of course: a visit to the Oberwirt in Otting is a good idea on the onward journey.

Via Straß, the route continues to Kammer, where the Gasthaus zur Post invites you to take another break. The next town is Hörpolding, in the center of which the traditional Namberg inn is known for its hospitality. Landlady Eva Namberger cooks in the traditional way and prepares the dishes from the extensive menu herself in her wood-fired oven.

From here you can make a detour to Traunreut in "The modern cultural city in the midst of traditional villages". The focal point of the cultural events is the restaurant Kulinarium of the culture and congress center k1 . It continues to Stein ad Traun and the local stronghold, which is enthroned on a 500 meter long and over 50 meter high Nagelfluhwand. The historic brewery inn invites you to feast in beautiful rooms or in the beautiful chestnut beer garden. In the village of Palling you will pass the Michlwirt , a country inn with its own butcher's shop, restaurant and beer garden. In 2014, Feinschmeckermagazin voted Michlwirt, which had previously been awarded several DLG Gold awards, among the top 500 butcher shops in Germany . From here it goes down the Burgstraße to Tengling, where the Pizzeria Primavera invites you to stop with an attractive beer garden.

The icing on the "i" of the Chiemgau delicacies tour is after all the feasting: a schnapps! In Mauerham, which is a bit off to the right of the actual route, you can taste and buy 40 different fruit brandies and liqueurs made from local fruit at the Sailerhof from the Gramminger family. Distillery tours are also available on request. However, you should not look too deep into the shot glass, because you still have a short drive ahead of you. Arriving in Taching, the Seewirt invites you to linger before you return to Waging via Krautenberg.

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