Stiftskirche St. Margareta Kloster Baumburg

The Baumburg Church has an impressive view of the valley of the Traun and the Alz from the wooded steep slope of the Klosterberg. As early as 1020, there was a monk's cell at this height in the immediate vicinity of the "Paumpurch" castle . In 1105, the Augustinian Canons' Monastery emerged from this castle complex as a foundation by Count Berengar von Sulzbach and his wife Adelheid. Artistic installations that show the former countess are still a reminder of this today.

Architecture of the collegiate church and monastery

In 1156 the first collegiate church, a three-aisled Romanesque basilica , was consecrated. The two mighty towers, which were provided with baroque onions at the end of the 17th century, still bear witness to this church today. After the new construction of the monastery building , Provost Joachim Vischer decided to rebuild the collegiate church in the Rococo style for the 600th anniversary of the consecration. The Romanesque basilica was stripped down to its foundations and rebuilt as a single-nave pillar church . An elegantly curved vestibule was added to the western façade. Their portal is decorated with a painting of the church patron Margareta.

What is there to see in the church?

When the visitor enters the church and walks through the vestibule to the lattice, he first stands in astonished silence in front of a festively radiant blaze of colour . The bright white of the walls, the gold on the side altars, the warm tones of the stucco work and the capitals in pink, yellow and brown - the fresh colors of the ceiling paintings and the flooding daylight create a happy and cheerful mood when entering the room.

The "Rococo Pearl of the Chiemgau"

The master builder Franz Alois Mayr from Trostberg, the Prague court painter Felix Anton Scheffler and stuccoers from the Wessobrunn school were the main artists of this "Rococo pearl of the Chiemgau" . Until secularization in 1803, the Augustinian monastery in Baumburg was an important religious and cultural center in which pastoral care, art, music and education, but also trade and business played an important role. Today, new life has returned to the remaining monastery buildings and the collegiate church is the center of a lively parish. Chamber music concerts and musical festival weeks are an integral part of the event repertoire of the monastery complex.

opening hours

Open every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. until the gate
In the summer months from May to the beginning of October there is a church vigil on Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
the church can be visited there.
Church tours are available on request via the parish office +49 8621 / 2753


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Beer has been available in the Braustüberl Baumburg since 1612. How about a visit to the church and a subsequent tasting of the monastery's own beer?

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