The Streichenkirche is also known as the "Church on the Saumweg" and is located high above the valley of the Tiroler Ache . From there it can be seen from almost the entire community and is not least attractive due to its interesting location on the mountain . The pilgrimage church has beautiful frescoes from the 15th and 16th centuries . Carved altars from the 16th century and a valuable box altar round off the interior of the church. Today's building structure can look back on around 700 years of history. The first paintings were made as early as 1430. The Wall paintings depict saints, among them the patron saints of the altars, the bishops St. Servatius, St. Wolfgang, St. Dionysius and St. Erasmus.


The family-friendly hike to the Taubensee takes you from Schleching past the Streichenkirche to a mountain lake at 1140 meters, the Taubensee. There you can catch a glimpse of the peaks of Geigelstein, Kampenwand and Hochgern.

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