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Kendlmühlfilze Grassau moor adventure trail
© Chiemgau Tourismus e.V., Oliver Raatz

Themed trails

Get to know something special

Where in the Chiemgau-Area did the Celts and Romans leave their mark? What stories about the region have been passed down for centuries? A walk on one of the many themed trails presented in the list below will answer these and other questions. They also lead to the special places, trees and monuments in the Chiemgau-Area.


Baumweg zum Keltengehöft Stöffling

easy (hiking tour)
Under crowns, about Celts - experience mystical things
  • 3.5 km
  • 11 Hm
  • 00:52 h
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Seeoner Seerosenweg
©© Wegerer

Seerosenweg Seeon

easy (hiking tour)
Discover, experience, look, enjoy - A special place, its wonderful
  • 6.2 km
  • 78 Hm
  • 01:39 h
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Stadt Traunstein
©© Stadt Traunstein, NIEDERBUCHNER SEPP


easy (hiking tour)
Explore the beautiful old town of Traunstein
  • 2.0 km
  • 18 Hm
  • 00:30 h
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Teisendorfer Bierwanderweg

Teisendorfer Bierwanderweg

easy (hiking tour)
Pleasure hikers can look forward to an easy tour of a good twelve kilometers that provides information about the art of brewing beer on the way from…
  • 12.4 km
  • 76 Hm
  • 04:30 h
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©© Ruhpolding Tourismus / Andreas Plenk

Ruhpoldinger Sagenweg

easy (hiking tour)
Legendary Ruhpolding - with Rauschberg in view and mysterious stories along the way
  • 3.6 km
  • 45 Hm
  • 01:25 h
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Wandern in Bayern - Chiemsee im Chiemgau
©© Chiemgau Tourismus, Claus Linke Prien

Rund um die Herreninsel über Ottos Ruh und Pauls Ruh

easy (hiking tour)
The circuit around the island of Herrenchiemsee is around ten kilometers long. It leads to the viewpoints "Ottos Ruh" and "Pauls Ruh", to the…
  • 8.9 km
  • 62 Hm
  • 03:30 h
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Blick auf Waging
©© Tourist Info Waging

Alpen- und Waginger Seeblick-Tour "8"

easy (hiking tour)
Varied circular hiking trail with beautiful exits and moments
  • 6.4 km
  • 103 Hm
  • 01:46 h
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©© Tourist-Information Seebruck

Kleiner Mühlenweg

easy (hiking tour)
Past old mills, immersed in their history
  • 8.1 km
  • 109 Hm
  • 02:11 h
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Schmugglerweg nach Kössen

Schmugglerweg nach Kössen

easy (hiking tour)
Cross-border hiking in the footsteps of the smugglers
  • 6.3 km
  • 139 Hm
  • 02:00 h
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Bike tour near Ruhpolding
© Chiemgau Tourismus e.V.

Themed bike tours

Explore the Chiemgau by bike

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The photographer stands at the end of the footbridge from the Chiemsee and takes photos in the Chiemgau Alps
© Chiemgau Tourismus e.V.

Hiking next to lake Chiemsee

Always along the bank

To the Chiemsee
Family hikes to the Röthelmoosalmen in autumn
© Chiemgau Tourismus

Alpine hikes

Many roads lead to the alpine pasture

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View from the Chiemsee to the Fraueninsel
© Chiemgau Tourismus e.V.

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