Morning view near the Rachlalm
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A yodel says more than a thousand words...

Yodeling is practiced in all impassable or mountainous regions of the world. Why? Because it communicates, attracts livestock, or expresses happiness. There is hardly a better way to communicate your emotions than with a powerful "Juchezer". You can learn how to yodel in courses and hikes.

A yodel in the Alps

People are said to have yodelled as early as the Stone Age, probably even here in the Chiemgau-Area. To this day it is part of the alpine culture. In the age before radio, telephone or mobile means of communication, the herdsmen communicated from alp to alp by yodelling. Experts distinguish between the "sung yodel" (chest voice) and the "beaten yodel" (change between chest and falsetto voice). Incidentally, yodeling is most fun in a group... and beautiful, polyphonic yodels give you goosebumps.

Learn to yodel in the mountains

The best thing about yodeling is that anyone can do it – or at least can learn to do it. Of course, the Chiemgau-Area has the best yodelling teachers and the most beautiful places to try it out! Do you already see yourself standing on a peak and shouting out a yodel to the world, saying: "I'm in Chiemgau right now and I couldn't be better anywhere!"?

Summit cross on the Hochgern
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World record in yodeling

In April 2016, Andrea Wittmann from Chiemgau set the new world record in continuous yodelling. She yodelled for 15 hours and 11 seconds on the banks of Lake Chiemsee. The yodel world record is at home in the Chiemgau! In real life, Andrea is a beer sommelier, tour guide and church musician.

Break with the MTB at the Hochfelln in Berge
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