Brauereitour 2 - Chiemsee und Alz, Hopfen und Malz

Cycling tour

The almost 63-kilometer round tour is perfect for pleasure cyclists, because despite the slight incline, there is always a mountain view. On the way you get up close and personal with the Chiemgau waters.

  • Starting point Traunstein
  • Location Traunstein
  • distance 62.8 kilometres
  • duration 04:30 hours
  • maximum altitude 639 meters
  • minimum altitude 498 meters
  • altitude difference 484 ascending
  • altitude difference 484 descending
intermediate difficulty

Tour description:

Traunstein, Hofbräuhaus Traunstein - private brewery Schnitzlbaumer - Wochinger Bräu - Aiging - Neuhausen - Traunwalchen - St. Georgen - Stein an der Traun - Schlossbrauerei Stein - Altenmarkt ad Alz - Klosterbrauerei Baumburg - Offling - Truchtlaching - Seebruck - Stöttham - Chieming - Hirschau - Hirschau Bay – Grabenstätt – Tüttensee – Marwang – Einham – Traunstein

The town of Traunstein is recommended as a starting point for the bike tour. Traunstein is not called a beer town for nothing. Here three breweries want to be explored. The Hofbräuhaus Traunstein , which has been brewing in the heart of Traunstein's old town for over 400 years, the private brewery Schnitzlbaumer , known as the oldest brewery in the city, or the Wochinger Bräu , which is particularly well known for its handcrafted beers. Start your tour with a refreshment as a motivation for sporty cycling or just start cycling and look forward to a reward at the end.

From Traunstein you head north, following the adventure tour "Radeln in harmony" via Aiging to Neuhausen. You cycle along the “ Chiemgauer Schmankerltour ” in the direction of Traunwalchen. Accompanied by the Traun , leave Traunreut on the right and drive past St. Georgen to Stein an der Traun to the Stein Castle Brewery . This convinces with the traditional art of brewing in harmony with the latest technology. The Steiner Höhlenburg , which is considered the most important cave castle in Germany, is in the immediate vicinity of the brewery and is also worth a visit.

Now follow the signs to Altenmarkt ad Alz . You can confidently take on the climb to Baumburg Monastery , because you will be rewarded with a fabulous view. Once at the top, the brewery inn of the monastery brewery, which is idyllically situated in the monastery grounds, invites you to linger. Continue south on the Klosterweg, via Offling to Truchtlaching. This adventure bike tour takes you on to Seebruck , from where you follow the Chiemsee cycle path. You cycle parallel to the east bank of Chiemsee, past Chieming, on to Hirschau Bay , which is part of the "Grabenstätter Moos" nature reserve. A nature observation tower offers a beautiful panorama over Lake Chiemsee and the Achendelta and allows you to discover rare birds.

We continue to Grabenstätt . A detour to another, protected natural paradise is worthwhile here: the ToteisseeTüttensee hidden in the forest, the insider tip among the Chiemgau lakes. The tour now leads back to Traunstein via Marwang and Einham. There, the three breweries tempt you with delicious, hearty refreshments.

Tip: Follow in the footsteps of time and learn interesting facts about the history of the Chiemgau . Along the brewery cycle tour "Chiemsee and Alz, hops and malt" those interested in history can look forward to the Celtic farmstead in Stöffling , the Bedaium Roman Museum in Seebruck and the Roman Museum in Grabenstätt.

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