Tüttensee in der Gemeinde Grabenstätt
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On the trail of nature

"On the trail of nature" is the motto in the diverse Chiemsee community of Grabenstätt. For photographers, nature, hiking and cycling enthusiasts, the 1,250-hectare "Grabenstätter Moos" nature reserve is  with its alluvial forests, meadows and the natural estuary delta of the Tiroler Achen a real paradise.

A true bird paradise

In addition to a variety of medicinal plants and orchid species - including the Siberian iris as a landmark - the rich birdlifeis one of the special treasures of the area around Grabenstätt. 80 bird species, some of which are very rare, breed in the Achen delta, and up to 30,000 feathered guests set up their winter quarters there. Hikes with expert nature guides and signposted observation towers enable special discoveries and encounters in this unique natural setting on Lake Chiemsee. The Tüttensee lies idyllically in the forest and invites you to swim, celebrate and relax in summer.

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Local history of Grabenstätt

As finds in a Grabenstätter estate prove, the area was already inhabited in Roman times. The first documented mention of "locus Grabanstat" can be found in a Salzburg deed of donation from the year 959. In the middle of the 12th century, St. Maximilian, one of the oldest Romanesque churches in the Chiemgau-Area, was built. It is rebuilt several times after fires. The castle with Hofmark is mentioned for the first time in 1402, which, inhabited by changing noble families, was acquired by the municipality in 1982 and converted into the town hall or guest house. In 1978 today's political municipality was formed with Erlstätt and Oberhochstätt.

Grabenstätter personalities

In 2005, the Grabenstätter social worker Margot Wingruber was awarded the Bavarian Constitutional Medal in Silver for founding the Munich Mutabor association. The association takes care of the counseling and treatment of people after a stroke and craniocerebral injury.

Chiemseefischer in Grabenstätt
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Historical Grabenstätt

An almost unimaginable natural catastrophe more than 2,500 years ago is said to have given Grabenstätt one of the most unusual exhibitions in Bavaria: the impact of a meteorite, which created today's Lake Tüttensee and an extensive crater field north of it. An interdisciplinary team of researchers has processed the molten rocks, stone artifacts and geological features created during the "Chiemgau Impact"and documented them in an exciting exhibition in the castle economy. A geological nature trailon the Tüttensee completes the show. Grabenstätt shows well-documented traces of antiquity in the Roman Museum with mosaics and wall paintings.

Beer and whiskey in Grabenstätt

A visit to the Chiemsee Bräu is worthwhile for a journey of discovery of regional epicurean delights. In their own distillery, the Kymsee whiskey (single malt) is distilled from dark barley malt. During guided tours and themed tastings, it can be tasted and purchased alongside other specialties such as beer liqueur and bock beer fine brandy, beer mustard and vinegar, and whiskey mustard.

Tips around Grabenstätt


Species-rich flora and fauna in the midst of an idyllic lake landscape

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Tüttensee Seebad

Hidden in the forest lies the dreamy moor and Toteissee Tüttensee. Idyllically located on the southwestern shore you will find the small, beautiful seaside resort.

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A Gothic building from the year 1400 rises in the middle of the municipality of Grabenstätt. Find out more about the exciting history of the church, which has repeatedly been ravaged by fire over the centuries.

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Römermuseum Grabenstätt

Building materials and tools, agricultural equipment, household items and crockery that are over 2000 years old are on display there.

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Girl with cell phone in front of a QR code in the Roman Museum in Grabenstätt
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Pfeffertoast und Pfotenabdruck

Archäologin Andrea Krammer zeigt uns das Römermuseums Grabenstätt und die neue Mitmachstation für Kinder. Hier wird Kultur für Groß und Klein zugänglich gemacht. 

Couple walks on Chiemsee
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6 am Chiemsee

Urlaub direkt am Chiemsee

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