Hochfelln and Hochgern , these two local mountains of Chiemgau are often mentioned in the same sentence. The two neighboring mountains characterize the view from the southeast end of Lake Chiemsee. If you look towards the mountains from there, these two jump straight into your eye. The Hochfelln almost looks as if it were covered from bottom to top with dense spruce forest. But don't let yourself be fooled, above you will be enchanted by extensive alpine pastures and meadows.

Perfect all-round visibility

Below the summit is the Bründlingalm, where you can take a break and enjoy the alpine idyll or go looking for various alpine flowers. At the summit of Hochfelln itself you have a wonderful 360 degree panoramic view. Not only are over 200 peaks of the Central Alps in your field of vision, but also the Chiemsee, the Bavarian Sea, glitters up to you. Here you can forget the stress of everyday life and have a good time in the managed Hochfellnhaus.

But how to get up to the Hochfelln summit? As a mountain biker, hike to the Bründlingalm and then up, or as a hiker you can do everything on foot. Shortcuts are welcome – the Hochfellnbahn takes you safely and easily to the top.



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