Keltengehöft Stöffling

In Stöffling near Truchtlaching, surface finds prove that there was a settlement here between the middle of the 3rd century BC and the 1st century BC, i.e. in the La Tène period. A reconstructed Celtic homestead was built on this site in 2000. Today you can visit this homestead to learn more about the life of our Celtic ancestors.
The Celtic homestead can be visited free of charge all year round .

Afterwards, we recommend a visit to the Bedaium Roman Museum in Seebruck, where many finds from the Celts are on display and can be admired by visitors.
The Celtic farmstead is wonderfully accessible on foot via the tree path. On the way you will learn exciting stories about the mystical trees of the Celts.

Opening hours

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Today 23. May 2024 Open
Today 23. May 2024 Open
Tomorrow 24. May 2024 Open
The day after tomorrow 25. May 2024 Open
Sunday 26. May 2024 Open
Monday 27. May 2024 Open
Tuesday 28. May 2024 Open
Wednesday 29. May 2024 Open

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Keltengehöft Stöffling
83376 Truchtlaching