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Via Julia, Benediktweg, Bodensee-Königssee-Radweg: A number of long-distance cycle paths lead through the Chiemgau-Area. You follow in the footsteps of famous people - Mozart or Pope Benedict - or the history of the region. 400 years ago, the Chiemgau-Area was an important station for trading salt. The saltworks cycle path brings the history of the "white gold" to life.


difficult (Cycling tour)
Cycling in the homeland of Bavaria. In the footsteps of the Bavarians' ancestors, the Bavarians, the tour leads through the Upper Bavarian holiday…
  • 126.1 km
  • 1323 Hm
  • 08:00 h
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easy (Cycling tour)
On this tour you will follow in the footsteps of former Pope Benedict XVI. through the Upper Bavarian holiday regions of Inn-Salzach and…
  • 243.4 km
  • 1386 Hm
  • 17:00 h
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easy (Cycling tour)
With a view of the Alps, the popular long-distance cycle path from Lindau on Lake Constance to Königsee behind Berchtesgaden leads unerringly through…
  • 455.0 km
  • 2785 Hm
  • 40:00 h
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easy (Cycling tour)
Bike tour in the footsteps of the famous composer around Salzburg and through the most magnificent lake landscapes in Bavaria and Austria.
  • 425.9 km
  • 2502 Hm
  • 30:30 h
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easy (Cycling tour)
Follow in the footsteps of the salt merchants on your bike, who founded the region's first wealth. The Salt Trade Route follows the old salt trade…
  • 96.6 km
  • 614 Hm
  • 06:00 h
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Salz Salinen-Radweg

intermediate (Cycling tour)
The Saltworks Cycle Path leads from Rosenheim to Hallein along salt extraction sites, salt trade routes and brine pipelines.
  • 125.4 km
  • 1112 Hm
  • 12:00 h
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