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With a view of the Alps, the popular long-distance cycle path from Lindau on Lake Constance to Königsee behind Berchtesgaden leads unerringly through one of the most beautiful picture book landscapes in Germany.

  • Starting point tourist information
  • Location Lindau (Lake Constance)
  • distance 455.0 kilometres
  • duration 40:00 hours
  • maximum altitude 989 meters
  • minimum altitude 396 meters
  • altitude difference 2785 ascending
  • altitude difference 4115 descending
easy difficulty

Tour description:

The tour connects numerous lakes such as Lake Constance, Kochelsee, Schliersee, Tegernsee, Chiemsee and Königssee. The sights are also lined up, above all the two royal palaces "Schloss Neuschwanstein" and "Schloss Herrenschimsee". The entire route is completely signposted and runs on well-paved bike paths.

Stage in the Chiemsee-Chiemgau cycle travel region

Bernau - Grassau - Staudach-Egerndach - Bergen - Siegsdorf - Traunstein

The long-distance cycle path crosses the Chiemsee-Chiemgau cycle travel region between the Alps and Chiemsee from Grassau to the Chiemgau metropolis of Traunstein.

Before reaching Grassau , you will pass the Salz&Moor Museum in the so-called "Klaushäusl". A stopover is worthwhile here. Here is the only brine pumping station that is still in its original state and the visitor learns a lot of interesting facts and the history of salt. There is also a museum cafe and a moor adventure trail with playground, climbing hill, nature discovery footbridge and a shallow water pond.

The cycle path leads through Grassau, one of the oldest places in the Chiemgau, via the tranquil village of Staudach-Egerndach at the foot of the Hochgern to Bergen. In Bergen, the Hochfelln cable car is ready for a detour to the Hochfelln , the viewing terrace of the Chiemgau. From here you can look far into the Central Alps and on the other side to the foothills of the Alps with Chiemsee. In the valley, the Maxhütte industrial monument with a museum and guided tours offers an insight into iron mining.

A few kilometers further, the municipality of Siegsdorf welcomes you with the well-known Adelholzener Alpenquellen , where the water worlds can be visited and the natural history and mammoth museum with the largest mammoth skeleton ever found in Europe.

The cycle path along the Traun takes you to Traunstein , in the heart of the Chiemgau . The saline town is the pulsating center of the Chiemgau and with many historic squares, sights, shops, three breweries, an adventure warm pool, many restaurants and cafes, it is a town that combines tradition and modernity. Traunstein's historical importance as a town of the salt trade and home of the former Pope Benedict , who spent his youth here , is evident everywhere.

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