Naturrodelbahn am Balsberg


Down into the wintry Unterwössen.

  • Starting point Parking at the Blasberg lift
  • Location underwear
  • distance 1.5 kilometres
  • duration 00:15 hours
  • maximum altitude 816 meters
  • minimum altitude 611 meters
  • altitude difference 219 ascending
  • altitude difference 219 descending
intermediate difficulty

Tour description:

From the parking lot at the Balsberg lift in Unterwössen , you go up the Balsberg, following the signage number 91. The rolled forest road leads you on serpentines through the snowy forest. Since the forest road is used as a toboggan run, please watch out for oncoming tobogganists on the ascent.

After about one to one and a half hours you will reach the end of the street, the entry point for the toboggan run. Once at the top, an impressive view opens up over the snow-covered village to Lake Chiemsee .

After a short (or longer) stay with foresight, you start your rapid descent. At the beginning there is a steeper, straight section downhill. After a little more than 200 meters, the pace of the tour slows down and the route becomes a bit more winding and less steep. The approximately two-kilometer ride through the snow-covered forest is easy going. Enjoy it!


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