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The ancient Bedaium on the site of today's Seebruck was on the most important Roman west-east road in the foothills of the Alps, which ran from Augusta Vindelicum (Augsburg) to Iuvavum (Salzburg). The small-town settlement stretched across the Alz on both sides of a bridge. The main part, about 400 meters long, was west of the river. Here the houses of merchants, craftsmen, innkeepers and service providers of all kinds crowded on both sides of the street. The trades benefited from the traffic of people and goods on the street and the pilgrims who visited the important sanctuary of Bedeius.

Seebruck is now considered by experts to be one of the best-researched Roman towns in Bavaria . In numerous excavation campaigns by the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments, huge quantities of small finds such as glass, ceramics, coins, metal utensils and jewelery were secured in addition to the archaeological uncovering and measurement of ancient building remains. The Archaeological State Collection in Munich designed the exhibition in the Roman Museum. She also oversees the museum scientifically and conservatorily. Didactically successful picture panels, graphics and selected exhibits on the ground floor of the building provide an attunement to the museum's purpose. In the bright exhibition rooms on the upper floor, a historical arc is opened with more than 500 exhibits in 18 showcases, ranging from local finds from the Stone and Bronze Age to traces of a settlement by the first Bavarians . The focus is on the evidence of everyday life in the Celtic-Roman village community .

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Follow in the footsteps of 4000 years of human history on the Archaeological Circular Trail . Click here for the Hearonymus audio guide.

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Since the warm water of Lake Chiemsee flows into the Alz , it is a popular place for bathing. So it's worth packing your bathing suit on warm days.

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