SalzAlpenSteig - Brachtalm - Bergen

hiking tour

Anyone who thinks that you won't break a sweat on this short stage on the Hochfelln is wrong. However, the hiker is rewarded with a unique view all the way to the Chiemsee.

  • Starting point Brachtalm
  • Location mountains
  • distance 9.4 kilometres
  • duration 04:30 hours
  • maximum altitude 1662 meters
  • minimum altitude 806 meters
  • altitude difference 1041 ascending
  • altitude difference 572 descending
intermediate difficulty

Tour description:

Brachtalm - Vorderalm - Kiesfang Weißachen - Rötlwandkopf - Eschelmoos - Weißgraben - Thoraukopf - Hochfelln summit

The four to five-hour hiking tour from the Brachtalm to the Hochfelln boasts a number of highlights! First we hike from the Brachtalmthrough forests and moors to the Vorderalm, from where we have to descend a good 300 meters into the valley and then climb the opposite side (west of the Rötlwandkopf). In the valley, however, we first come to the so-called "Kiesfang" of the Weißen Achen (large masses of rubble and gravel are deposited here in the valley during heavy rainfall events) and a spectacular waterfall before we start the ascent.

The higher we get, the more the majestic Rötlwandkopf (1379m) comes into view, which we keep in mind for future hikes. Now it goes a bit under a rock face , then over a few bridges until we get to the Eschelmoos and later to the Weißgraben .

From now on we hike on a very pretty hiking trail to the ridge of the Toraukopf , where we can already treat ourselves to a wonderful view of the surrounding valleys, pastures and mountains on both sides. We hike through colorful alpine flora , such as heather, "Schusternagerl", dwarf alpine roses, gentian and much more. and finally reach the pine forest just before the summit of the Hochfelln . Now we only have a few meters to the summit , which has been designed to be particularly informative thanks to a circular route on the geology and flora of the Hochfelln .

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