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Taching am See

Family vacation in a gentle natural idyll

Taching am See, with its wide range of experiences, is an ideal holiday destination for families with children in particular. On vacation on the farm humans and animals meet. Special themed tours widen the view of the connections between rural life and its importance for your very personal life. In a playful way, guests discover the production of valuable food. Two lidos in Taching am See and Tengling offer a lot of bathing fun: children's play area, restaurant, boat rental, numerous leisure facilities (diving tower, beach volleyball, boules) and the sandy beach attract holidaymakers to the lake shore. The affiliated campsite invites you to breakfast at the sometimes Caribbean-green lake in Taching.

Cycling and hiking on themed trails

Numerous cycle paths enable tours around the lake and to the remains of Tettelham Castle or to the pilgrimage church of St. Maria Burg in Tengling. Every few years in August there is a big church festival with handicrafts, delicacies, theatre, games and music. Enjoy nature and wonderful views (“Huckinger Naturkino”) on numerous hiking trails all around.

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Local history of Taching am See

The area around Tachinger See has been inhabited for more than 4,000 years. One after the other, Celts, Romans and Bavarians left their mark there. With the change of power in Bavaria, Tengling was recorded for the first time in the "Notitio Arnonis" by Bishop Arn of Salzburg. The first documented mention is in the year 987. In the Middle Ages, both places were dominated by different ruling families. From 1275 to 1810 the region belonged to the archbishopric of Salzburg, after which it was returned to Bavaria. In 1867, the lowering of the lake level of Tachinger/Waginger See by almost two meters changed the landscape permanently. In 1978, Tengling and Taching am See were merged as part of municipal reform.

Taching personalities

The striking house on the vineyard in Tengling, which his brother Erich shared with him, is reminiscent of one of Munich's best-known artists, Erwin von Kreibig (1904-1961). The great religious philosopher and theologian Romano Guardini (1885-1968) stayed for a long time in the 1930s at the Sattler family estate in Grendach.

Taching am See in winter

The diverse and attractive autumn and winter moods at Tachinger See offer a feeling of deceleration and relaxation in harmony with nature during walks. Nestled in a gently rolling landscape, Taching offers special views of the impressive panorama across the lake to the Chiemgau and Berchtesgaden Alps in both summer and winter. One of the most beautiful vantage points is at the little church of St. Colomann near Tengling. Its interior impresses with a late Gothic wood carving altar from 1515, which is unique in its richness of detail and completeness. The pilgrimage route from Altötting to Salzburg, named after St. Rupert, also leads past the chapel. When the lake freezes over, a colorful crowd of ice skaters, curlers and ice hockey players quickly frolic on the ice and enjoy exercise in the fresh air together.

Kayakers at sunset on the Tachinger See with a view of the town of Taching am See
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Tips for Taching am See

Chiemgauer Schmankerltour

The name says it all: Experience the culinary delights of the area!

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Maria Mühlberg Aussichtstour

The Mühlberg in Waging is an ideal destination for the whole family and the effort is rewarded with a fantastic view.

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Cycling in the homeland of Bavaria. In the footsteps of the Bavarians' ancestors, the Bavarians, the tour leads through the Upper Bavarian holiday region around Lake Waging and the Salzburg Lake District.

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Strandbad am Strandkurhaus

A real bathing paradise is the bathing park next to the Strandkurhaus on Waginger See. A long pebble beach, park-like meadows and a water and sports park await you. Where can you recover from the stress of everyday life if not here?

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Blick auf den Ort Taching am See
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