Hochplatte - summit hike

hiking tour

Hike up the high plateau to the panoramic summit of the mountain!

  • Starting point Mühlau, Dalsenalm car park
  • Location Schleching
  • distance 11.2 kilometres
  • duration 06:00 hours
  • maximum altitude 1587 meters
  • minimum altitude 626 meters
  • altitude difference 1006 ascending
  • altitude difference 1006 descending
difficult difficulty

Tour description:

Mühlau - Ramsental - Ramsensteig - Hochplatte summit - Piesenhausener Hochalm - Mühlau

Starting from the Dalsen car park in Mühlau, follow a piece of the forest road until it forks. Here you turn right in the direction of “ Hochplatte and walk uphill on the tarred road. At the end of the street keep to the left and walk towards an enclosure towards the forest .

The footpath leads us to a wide forest road , on which we turn briefly to the right, only to leave it on the left after only a few meters. The now steeper path leads to a beautiful alpine pasture which we pass on the right. The footpath, marked by red markings , runs through a light forest up to a ridge . On the Waldsattel you will come across a sign. However, you do not follow this in the direction of “ Hochplatte ”, but go straight up the unmarked path. The path is marked with a blue point and is the direct ascent to the high plateau . Thanks to the steep ascent, you soon reach the summit of the high plateau, which rewards every hiker with a unique view.

Then you descend the wide path towards "Chiemsee" , which ends on an alpine road. After a left turn, this leads in the direction of “Piesenhauser Hochalm” .

After a short descent, turn left and follow the signs to “Mühlau” from here. You go over narrow footpaths to a flat forest saddle until the well-known path is.

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