Löwenzahnwiese in der Gemeinde Nußdorf
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Life in agriculture and district center

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the surroundings, which are characterized by forests, moors and meadows, make Nußdorf so charming. The renewal and beautification of the village earned the community a silver medal in 2009 in the competition “ Our village has a future – our village should be more beautiful”.

Regionality is in the foreground

The fact that regionality and the natural cultivation of organic vegetables are very popular here is proven by the large selection of organic nurseries in the Sondermoning district. There is also a Celtic rampart here, which bears witness to the centuries-long settlement of this cultural area. In addition, with its central location, Nußdorf is an ideal starting point for cycling, hiking and cultural excursions.

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Nußdorf local history

The place owes its name to the culture of the walnut tree, which the first settlers took over from the Romans. Like many other places, "Nuzdorf" was first mentioned around 798 in the register of goods in the "Breves Notitiae" of the Archdiocese of Salzburg. Neuamerang Castle was in the Sondermoning district as the seat of a Hofmark, which Count Franz Guidobald Törring zu Pertenstein had purchased in 1694. It was used as a quarry in the middle of the 18th century.As part of the regional reform, Nußdorf lost its independence as a municipality in 1972, but regained it in 1986. Today, the renovated "Historic Wirtshaus zu Aiging", dating from 1471, is a testament to its history once on the old salt trade route from Salzburg to Augsburg and was the scene of court hearings.

Nußdorf personalities

Hartmann von Nussdorf is the scion of a Bavarian-Salzburg noble family, first recorded in writing around 1107, who is said to have lived in the community in the 12th and 13th centuries. As feudal lords, they owned numerous estates in south-eastern Bavaria and were closely connected to the archbishopric of Salzburg. The older main line died out in 1476.

Tips around Nussdorf

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Aerial view of the city of Traunstein
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