Rechenbergalm über Feldlahnalm - Almwanderung

hiking tour

Alm hike that offers regional delicacies and wonderful views on the Rechenbergalm. In between there is a possibility to stop at the Feldlahnalm.

  • Starting point Oberwössen - hiking car park at Hammerergraben
  • Location underwear
  • distance 10.7 kilometres
  • duration 04:45 hours
  • maximum altitude 1168 meters
  • minimum altitude 667 meters
  • altitude difference 631 ascending
  • altitude difference 631 descending
intermediate difficulty

Tour description:

Hammergraben hikers’ car park – Feldlahnalm – Burgaualm – Rechenbergalm – Burgaualm – Hammergraben hikers’ car park

From the hiking car park in Oberwössen you can follow the signs " Feldlahnalm via Hammerergraben " (path no. 75). Always along the Hammerer Bach, you have to cross a forest road after a short time and then follow a somewhat narrower path up to the Feldlahnalm . If you are already hungry or thirsty, you can take a break here.

We continue on a small path that leads below the alp to another forest road. After turning left, the path climbs a little, but later falls down again. You follow the path until just before the Burgau-Almen (path no. 77), from where you hike right over the alpine meadows back into the forest (path no. 7). After a short time, a steadily rising forest road starts again, which you turn right and follow to the Rechenbergalm .

The way back is the same as the ascent to the Burgaualmen . From there you go right and then along hiking trail no. 7 until you reach the starting point again.

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