Rauschberg mit Abfahrt Rossgasse

Ski tour

This tour takes you from Ruhpolding to the Rauschberg and has a particularly challenging descent in store.

  • Starting point Aschenau/Froschsee
  • Location Ruhpolding
  • distance 11.0 kilometres
  • duration 04:30 hours
  • maximum altitude 1671 meters
  • minimum altitude 791 meters
  • altitude difference 930 ascending
  • altitude difference 930 descending
intermediate difficulty

Tour description:

The ski tour on the Rauschberg begins at the Aschenau car park near Ruhpolding . First follow hiking trail number 26 to a fork, where you turn right until you reach a forest road. After about 150 meters you climb up to the left to the next fork, where you keep left again until you finally reach the mountain rescue hut on Rossgassenboden. It continues uphill along the snow-covered "Kienbergabfahrt" in the direction of the Kienbergsattel. Just before you reach the saddle, the path splits. You follow path number 2 into the Rauschbergalm basin and steeply up to the Kammhöhe. From there you climb further to the left in the direction of the mountain inn and along a steep slope to a saddle: the entrance to Rossgasse. Lined by high rock faces, the descent through the Rossgasse is particularly challenging in terms of skiing.

Caution: The Rossgasse requires good avalanche assessment skills, especially after heavy snowfall!

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