Cycling tour

Sculptures between Seeon, Seebruck and Truchtlaching

  • Starting point town centre
  • Location Seebruck
  • distance 23.2 kilometres
  • duration 01:45 hours
  • maximum altitude 551 meters
  • minimum altitude 515 meters
  • altitude difference 155 ascending
  • altitude difference 155 descending
easy difficulty

Tour description:

Seebruck - Esbaum - Fembach - Roitham - Pavolding - Seeon Monastery - Seeon - Truchtlaching - Stöffling - Seebruck

As an introduction to the bike tour, we recommend a visit to the Heinrich-Kirchner Gallery , which also serves as the starting point of the circular tour. The first large bronze sculptures greet you towards the west: the " Guardian in the Garden of Eden ", the " Moon Travelers " and " Isaiah ". Passing the small spa park with the bird watching tower, Roland Mayer's work of art " Create from the full " and the Roman kiln, we continue to Esbaum, where the " Peace Messenger " welcomes you and the reconstruction of a Roman road shows the construction of Roman trunk roads.

It continues along the banks of the Chiemsee, past the Restaurant Malerwinkl, via Stetten and Fembach to Roitham. We recommend visiting the Roitham art mill there. " Mother Earth " greets and at the " Abtlinde " the " Day of Creation and World Circle ". Passing through the Seeoner Seen nature reserve you reach the Seeon monastery . The three figures of the “ Image of Hope ” await you there. Seeon Abbey, which is idyllically situated on a peninsula, offers those interested in art and history a variety of cultural event and sightseeing highlights. You cross the small bridge with the " bridge saint " by Willi Wimmer, pass the sculpture " Man in the Boat " and drive along Lake Seeon to the center of Seeon. There stands " Moses " and at the end of the town, in the middle of the roundabout, " Prometheus " stretches his arms in the air.

In Truchtlaching we cross the Alz: "Lamm" and "Wanderer Abraham" appear there. Passing the Celtic homestead in Stöffling with the " Slim Figure ", it goes downhill along the Alz to Seebruck. A detour to Angerer d. J. is not a big detour, but a worthwhile one. In the Seebruck marina, the “ invocation and encounter with the spirit that creates everything new ” warns against the panorama of Lake Chiemsee and the Alps. In the harbor area there are other art objects by Angerer d. to find J.


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