Paraglieder starten in den bayrischen Alpen mit Blick auf die Gemeinde Unterwössen
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Holiday experience at all altitudes: from 555 to 1744 meters

Surrounded by majestic peaks, picturesque alpine pastures and well- developed cycling and hiking trails, the municipality of Unterwössen is the ideal starting point for an adventure holiday that the whole family will enjoy. The romantic Wössner See offers refreshment on warm days, as does the Wössner Bach with its planks for trekking. Anglers also really appreciate the lake by the forest. It is only a stone's throw from Oberwössen to the climbing forest on the Maserer Pass. There is the starting point for forest adventure tours with abseiling, via ferrata tours, nightly torchlight hikes or the adventurous rope ride in the "Giant Swing".

Find distance from everyday life

If you are looking for peace and relaxation from everyday stress, you will find it in the authentic Achental. But the area around Unter- and Oberwössen also offers those looking for relaxation places and opportunities to revitalize body, mind and soul. Unterwössen is the Eldorado for glider pilots. After taking off from the airfield of the German Alpine Flight Sailing School (DASSU), guests enjoy an uplifting view over the Chiemgau Alps.

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History of the municipality of Unterwössen

The first traces of settlement in Unterwössen go back to the Hallstadt period (8th century BC). The congregation was formed around a first wooden church in the Carolingian period (around 800). The first documented mention follows in 1120. The “Kroatensteig”, which still exists today, is a reminder of the damage caused by attacks by the Pandours in the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748). Fool's gold (pyrite) found on Hochkienberg triggered a "gold rush" in the village between 1849 and 1857. The construction of the railway to Marquartstein in 1884 brought the first summer visitors and artists to the town. The Wössner See was created in 1932 as part of dam construction work in the hamlet of Rexau. Oberwössen has belonged to Unterwössen since 1972 and thus form a municipality.

Personalities of the municipality of Unterwössen

The names of the long-standing state chairman of the Bavarian Trachtler, Otto Dufter (1934-2019), the world-famous orchid breeder Franz Glanz (born 1944) and the internationally renowned sculptor Andreas Kuhnlein (born 1953) are closely connected with the municipality of Unterwössen.

Around Unterwössen

Lake Taubensee

The Taubensee is idyllically nestled in the Chiemgau Alps at an altitude of 1,100 m. You can reach the mountain lake on foot or by mountain bike. Enjoy peace, relaxation and a true nature experience.

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Lake Wössner See

Nestled between forest and meadows is the tranquil Wössner See near Unterwössen. In the view of the Hochgern you will find peace and relaxation, only the cow bells can be heard from the opposite meadow slope.

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Hochgern (1744 m) – the local mountain of Unterwössen and the “Sonnenberg vom Achental”

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Alm with a view, north of the large Rechenberg. 1160 Hm. Managed.

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