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»Cross-country skiing is like dancing the waltz - it is the best fitness training for your body. There is no age limit, the main thing is that you enjoy the exercise.«

Fritz Fischer - Bavarian biathlon legend

The picturesque Chiemgau is a paradise for all winter enthusiasts!In addition to skiing, cross-country skiing in particular offers numerous advantages:

  • no queuing at the lift
  • no piste-filling ski courses
  • no expensive tickets.

At the foot of the Alpine foothills, more than 400 kilometers of classic cross-country ski trailsand 300 kilometers of skating trailsare waiting to be discovered.  These include comfortable beginnertrails, fantastically sunny routes and professional experiences such as Fritz Fischer's biathlon camp in the Chiemgau Arena. The varied natural diversityof the Bavarian Alpine foothills can be experienced in a masterly manner: for example on the twelve-kilometer-long 3-lake trail(easy and snow-sure along Lödensee, Mittersee and Weitsee) between Ruhpolding and Reit im Winkl.Whether you are looking for a challenge or just want to enjoy nature, every guest will find a route for their own adventure when cross-country skiing in Chiemgau.

Highlights & insider tips for cross-country skiing in Chiemgau

  • Our snow report always provides up-to-date information on snow conditions and trail conditions
  • From gentle routes for beginners to challenging routes for professionals - cross-country ski trails for beginners to professionals
  • Everything you need to know and useful tips for the perfect cross-country skiing experience in Chiemgau
  • Classic or skating - what are the differences?
  • FAQ – The most frequently asked questions and answers about cross-country skiing in Chiemgau
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Snow report for the perfect cross-country skiing day

Is there snow? Is there enough for cross-country skiing? Which trails are groomed? Are the trails still open? The most important information about cross-country skiing in Chiemgau and the current trail report can be found here ➔ our snow report.

A selection of the most beautiful trails

Cross-country ski trails for beginners and professionals. In Chiemgau, there are a large number of great trails for classic or skating enthusiasts. How about the Oberlandloipenear Inzell, for example? It's challenging here, on a sporty 5.2 kilometers with a decent climb. The panoramic view over the Inzell valley makes up for the effort and the return journey through snow-covered moorland landscapes at Falkensteinwill make you forget every bead of sweat, we promise. The Grenzlandloipenear Reit im Winkl is also particularly beautiful, offering a moderately difficult temptation for classic-style cross-country skiers. The ascent to the Winklmoos-Almis made by the gondolaof the same name, and at the top there is a good five kilometers of scenic circular trail (trail 7) with climbs, descents and some delicious places to stop for a rest. Similar insider tip: the panorama trail on the Hemmersuppenalm.This special high-altitude trail also takes freestyle runners from the Hindenburg Hut(1,180 m) on a nearly five-kilometer-long circular trail with wonderful views of the Chiemgau Alps.

A small selection of fantastic cross-country ski trails can be found here:


intermediate (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
You follow in the footsteps of professional biathlete Andi Birnbacher on the moderately difficult circular trail. Discover the snow-covered…
  • 8.5 km
  • 94 Hm
  • 01:00 h
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Chiemgau Team Trophy

difficult (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
The approximately 40 km long trail to the Chiemgau Team Trophy is a challenge for cross-country skiers with sporting ambitions. From Inzell via…
  • 42.7 km
  • 579 Hm
  • 05:00 h
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intermediate (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
The 7.5-kilometre circular tour east of Bergen runs idyllically along a piece of forest. Thanks to the combination of two trails, the easy to…
  • 5.0 km
  • 124 Hm
  • 01:00 h
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Inzell Außerlandloipe

difficult (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
The Fremdlandloipe leads idyllically over the snow-covered meadows and fields of Inzell for around seven kilometers. Cross-country skiers are…
  • 6.6 km
  • 95 Hm
  • 01:00 h
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Inzell Dorfloipe

easy (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
The easy trail in the middle of Inzell is ideal for a short cross-country ski tour in between.
  • 1.4 km
  • 5 Hm
  • 00:15 h
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Inzell Oberlandloipe

difficult (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
The moderately difficult trail takes you idyllically through the snowy winter landscape in the south of the Chiemgau. A longer ascent takes you to a…
  • 5.2 km
  • 71 Hm
  • 00:50 h
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Inzell Unterlandloipe

difficult (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
After a little effort, the moderately difficult circular trail offers wonderful views over the whole of Inzell and the Chiemgau Alps.
  • 4.3 km
  • 61 Hm
  • 00:45 h
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No 2 cross country trail "Sonnen" classic + skating | 3.4 km

easy (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
Discover Reit im Winkl on cross-country skis. The sunny and very easy sun trail leads through the village center over four kilometers.
  • 3.8 km
  • 17 Hm
  • 00:45 h
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No 5 cross country trail "Romantik" classic + skating | 8.1 km

intermediate (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
Classic • A medium-difficult cross-country ski trail with steep climbs and descents.
  • 8.1 km
  • 119 Hm
  • 02:00 h
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No 7 cross country trail "Grenzland" classic | 5.2 km

intermediate (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
The snow-reliable high-altitude trail leads you in classic style through the varied landscape of the Winklmoosalm for around five kilometers.
  • 5.2 km
  • 109 Hm
  • 01:20 h
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Tobias Angerer Loipe

intermediate (Cross-country skiing)
A unique panorama opens up on the Tobias Angerer trail near Traunstein. The view extends over the snowy landscape of Chiemsee and Chiemgau to the…
  • 12.9 km
  • 110 Hm
  • 03:19 h
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Didn't find anything there yet? Then click here to see all the cross-country ski trails in Chiemgau ➔

Things to know for the perfect cross-country skiing experience

Rent equipment from the ski rental shop

Equipment and gear differ depending on the style of cross-country skiing and are not cross-compatible. It is advisable to visit a ski rental shopyou trust, ask, listen and try things out. Cross-country skiingis a highly complex movement sequence with long periods of exertion.Even small changes in ski length and weight, material, edges, glide and imprint zones, weather and wax types can fundamentally change the experience. From the skis to the boots to the clothing - every detail plays an important role in optimizing performance and ensuring comfort. What is needed?

  • Cross-country skis: classic and skating skis specially developed for cross-country skiing.
  • Cross-country ski boots: Light and stable shoes that enable optimal power transfer and support the foot.
  • Cross-country ski poles: Support balance and help with propulsion.
  • Cross-country clothing: Breathable clothing that protects against the cold while wicking away moisture.
  • Cross-country goggles: Protects the eyes from wind, snow and sunlight
  • Cross-country skiing gloves: Keep your hands warm while providing enough freedom of movement.
  • Backpack or also popular are bum bags: To carry personal items such as water, snacks and a map.
  • Emergency equipment: This includes a first aid kit, a cell phone and an emergency blanket just in case.

Don't have your own equipment? No problem. There are numerous ski rental stations in Chiemgau that offer a great selection of equipment for hire.

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Refreshment options along the trails

Cross-country skiing in Chiemgau is not only about experiencing pure joy on the fantastic trails, but also about taking the opportunity to discover cozy huts and inns along the way. In Ruhpolding, for example, the Mitterseehütteattracts cross-country skiers with a welcoming atmosphere that invites them to take a well-deserved break and enjoy regional specialtieswhile enjoying the idyllic surroundings. The Hindenburghütteon the Hemmersuppenalmin Reit im Winkl awaits its guests not only with a breathtaking panoramic viewof the snow-covered mountains, but also with a hearty snackthat will pamper the palate. In addition, the restaurants along the trails of Winklmoosoffer optimal opportunities to relax after an active cross-country skiing round and enjoy culinary delicaciesthat reflect the regional flavors and specialtiesof the Chiemgau. A stop at the rustic Plenk cross-country hutoffers another great opportunity to try lovingly prepared snacksand homemade cakes. The terrace of the Zirmbergalmalso invites you to enjoy Alpine delicacies. This makes cross-country skiing not only a sporting pleasure, but also an incomparable culinary experience in the middle of the picturesque landscape of the Chiemgau.

Gespurte Langlauflopien auf der Winklmoosalm in Reit im Winkl
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Opportunities for cross-country skiing at Lake Chiemsee

Cross-country skiing on Lake Chiemseeis a rare opportunity,as there is usually too little snow to practice this sport. However, the idyllic setting of the lake offers a unique landscape for walks, a romantic boat tripand many other activities.But don't worry, even if cross-country skiing on Lake Chiemsee is rarely possible, just a few kilometers awaythere is a world of cross -country skiing opportunitiesin the mountains of the Chiemgau. There, cross-country skiers will find an extensive network of trailsthat meander through the snowy alpine landscape.

Classic or skating - what are the differences?

Classic or skating, that is the very first question. Classicis with the two skisdirectly next to each otherin a narrow track.The classic ski is usually about 20 centimeters longer than the body height and has a roughened zone. Skating is the skating step on skis.In contrast to the classic ski, the skating ski is shorter and more smooth throughout, making gliding easier. Skating is more dynamic and usually faster. And also more strenuous.

Two fundamentally different movement patterns. In classic cross-country skiing,the skier moves forward in a diagonal movement, with the skis remaining parallel to each other. This is done by pushing off using cross-country ski poles and gliding on the skis in the designated tracks. In skating,the skier moves sideways across the track, similar to ice skating. The movement is done by pushing off with the skis in a V-shaped pattern, with the skis alternately placed in an inclined position.

Classic cross-country skiing is recommended as a start. But no matter what you choose, there are hundredsof kilometers of freshly groomed trails in Chiemgau.

Frau beim Skaten auf der Winklmoosalm in Reit in Winkl
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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about cross-country skiing

Where can you go cross-country skiing in Chiemgau? There is a large selection of cross-country ski trails, especially in the towns of Ruhpolding, Reit im Winkl, Inzell, Bergen and Achental.

Are there trails for beginners and advanced skiers in Chiemgau?In Chiemgau there are trails for beginners and advanced skiers and for anyone who enjoys cross-country skiing. To make choosing the right trail easier, the tourson our site have been divided into easy, medium and difficult tours.

Where can I find current information on the snow conditions and cross-country ski trail conditions in Chiemgau?Our snow reportprovides daily updates on which cross-country ski trails are open and which are not.

Are there cross-country skiing courses or guides that I can book in Chiemgau?Chiemgau offers many cross-country skiing schools, with cross-country skiing courses offered primarily in Ruhpolding,Reit im Winkland Inzell.

Are there special events or competitions for cross-country skiers in Chiemgau?The famous Biathlon World Cuptakes place in Chiemgau every year in January. RausZeit.nordicis also always worth a visit.

Biathletes at the shooting range at the Ruhpolding World Cup
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Out into the snowy landscape

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