Archäologischer Rundweg

Cycling tour

On the trail of 4000 years of human history

  • Starting point Seebruck Roman Museum
  • Location Seebruck
  • distance 23.1 kilometres
  • duration 01:32 hours
  • maximum altitude 550 meters
  • minimum altitude 515 meters
  • altitude difference 175 ascending
  • altitude difference 175 descending
easy difficulty

Tour description:

Seebruck - Stöffling - Truchtlaching - Steinrab - Ischl - Heimhilgen - Burgham - Esbaum - Seebruck

The only 22 km long, family-friendly circular route begins and ends at the Bedaium Roman Museum in Seebruck . There you will get an insight into the "Roman Bedaium" with finds from the town of Seebruck and the surrounding area. The tour continues over the Alz bridge to the Roman-Noric burial ground in the Graben district , the Bedaium cemetery and then slightly uphill to the Celtic farmstead in Stöffling . There, the replica of a Celtic settlement gives an insight into the construction methods of our ancestors. It then continues in the direction of Truchtlaching to the Keltenschanze , which can be viewed as a partial reconstruction. For those interested in art, it is worth visiting the Heinrich Kirchner Gallery on the forecourt of the church, opposite the Roman Museum.

Cycle downhill to the early medieval refugee castle on the Alz. In Truchtlaching you cross the Alz and follow the signs towards Ried. From there you follow the Alz via Apperting and then in the direction of Seeon. At the edge of the forest in the direction of Ischl there is a replica of a Hallstatt period burial mound.

On the cycle path to Seebruck/Ischl with a view of the so-called "Bifuss" , a reed island in the Alz, turn left onto the field path. There it goes to the old Bavarian burial ground of Ischl, the place where the well-known Longobard shield fitting was found, with the first Bavarian lion. The route leads to Heimhilgen via the districts of Ischl , Leiten and Seilerberg. A Bronze Age hoard was excavated here. Then you have to cross the road from Seebruck to Seeon . From here you can still see the cultivated fields of the Hochäcker culture in the forest. Via Grafenanger and the renatured landscape protection area of the "Burghamer Filze" it goes to Burgham and down towards Chiemsee .

At Esbaum you go to the other side of the road, where you are then directly on one of the old Roman roads from Salzburg to Augsburg. The construction of a Roman road can be seen in the reconstruction. On the way to Seebruck is the last stop on the archaeological circular route, the excavation of a Roman kiln. From there it's back to the Bedaium. The museum is located in the immediate vicinity of the Seebruck parish church , which was once built on the remains of a Roman "Bedeius" temple.


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Huts along the tour

Römermuseum Bedaium Seebruck

Römermuseum Bedaium Museum for prehistory and early history of the Chiemgau

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Keltengehöft Stöffling

Travel back to the days of the Celts in Stöffling and immerse yourself in the life of the Celts on the adventure afternoons. Open throughout the year!

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